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18. May 2006 • Bruce Fields
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Dug Song says:

“kind of like the Daily’s Crime Notes, but… wizzy.

i started out with a quick a2 real estate mash-up, until someone
pointed me to i think this is more fun anyhow. it’s
interesting to see the map updated after a good day on my skateboard.

  1. This is way more impressive that it first appeared on initial load, which seemed to display no crime activity … because it goes day by day and I guess nothing’s happened today yet.

    If you actually go and click on the calendar, you’re in for a real treat.

    And score another point for YahooMaps.

       —HD    May. 18 '06 - 06:56PM    #
  2. “because it goes day by day and I guess nothing’s happened today yet.”

    Actually, I think it’s just a small bug/misfeature: if you click on today, it will show some stuff. According to the page it runs from 5am—5am, though, so the stuff listed for today is actually mainly yesterday.

       —Bruce Fields    May. 18 '06 - 07:10PM    #
  3. test

       —HD    May. 19 '06 - 07:30AM    #
  4. Wow—didn’t realize I lived in a high-crime neighborhood. But apparently there has been a whole rash of ‘dog off leash’ violations in the Arb this month…

       —mw    May. 22 '06 - 07:39PM    #
  5. Too bad it doesn’t have any trend-mapping, like the ability to display things for the past week or month.

       —js    May. 28 '06 - 04:37AM    #