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ArborUpdate's Second Birthday: 2 June 2006

19. May 2006 • Murph
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It’s a mere two weeks from the second anniversary of ArborUpdate’s launch, back on 2 June 2004. Therefore, it’s time to announce the 2nd ArborUpdate Birthday Party.

Venue will be the traditional blogger hangout, Leopold Bros., on the evening of Friday, 2 June 2006. I’ll probably show around 7pm.

As usual, masks and cloaks are welcome, if you enjoy anonymity and want to keep it that way. Leave the daggers at home, please. RSVP on or in comments.

  1. youve come a long way baby

       —Just a Voice    May. 19 '06 - 04:45PM    #
  2. Bouncing to the top of the comments: See all y’all tonight, kids!

       —Murph    Jun. 2 '06 - 05:24PM    #
  3. FYI…..Pistons game 7 is tonight as well….so this is one of those rare nights that the TV’s will be on.

       —todd    Jun. 2 '06 - 06:05PM    #
  4. See you all there.

       —Dale    Jun. 2 '06 - 10:31PM    #
  5. Wish I could join you guys, but besides giving away my secret identity to Blaine so he can hunt me down and kill me, I have to take care of my daughter as my wife is away.

    todd- good to know you keep the TV on for Pistons post season games! How about the Stanly Cup Finals (even though the Wings didn’t make it)

       —Just a Voice    Jun. 2 '06 - 11:55PM    #
  6. Good to see those who were there; my end of the table’s discussion revolved around homebuying (mine), bagpiping (juliew’s husband), pisco sours (pretty tasty), and a juicy rumor that the building housing Encore, Orchid Lane, and Thano’s had been sold and all given 30 days to leave, with Thano’s closing shop now.

    Saturday’s A2 News reveals that last bit to be, at least for now, in the category of, “OMG, the Fleetwood is about to be razed for condos!”

    Thano’s is closing , but the hipsters don’t need to seek historic district protections for one-story cinderblock buildings quite yet, as Encore appears to be safe. The News notes that Thano’s is closing because business was slow and the owner couldn’t secure a long-term lease for renovations. (Say, what are those ominous clouds on the horizon?) The story noted that the building’s owner, however, was trying to get Orchid Lane to expand into Thano’s space, not leave.

       —Murph    Jun. 5 '06 - 08:31PM    #
  7. Man, we dodged a bullet—thank god the South American crafts importer (no, not Ten Thousand Villages; no, not Selo/Shevel, Orchid Lane) is thriving and the reasonably priced, unpretentious restaurant/hangout is the one to go.

       —Dale    Jun. 5 '06 - 10:44PM    #
  8. Actually, Orchid Lane is one of the few places to get fairly inexpensive women’s clothes downtown (especially with their many sales). So if you are trying to keep “useful” stores downtown, I would consider Orchid Lane one of them and am happy to see that it is remaining. Although I will miss Thanos and went there regularly, there are several places pretty much like it downtown—a lot of them still locally owned. Thanos in its heyday was a great place, but it has been just barely hanging on for a while now.

       —Juliew    Jun. 5 '06 - 11:16PM    #
  9. I spent $15 there and got some no-good mittens and a hat.

       —Dale    Jun. 6 '06 - 02:30AM    #
  10. Sorry in advance if this is a misuse of this thread.

    I am taking a little holiday from Bangkok and as part of the tour will be in Ann Arbor the second week of July. While there’s no anniversary to celebrate, I have never met most of the people who contribute here and would like a chance to do so. I’d like to propose an informal gathering for any and all interested on Thursday, July 13 at Leopold Bros for a Pint or a Pisco. Hope a few of you can make it.

       —Scott TenBrink    Jul. 1 '06 - 06:59AM    #