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UMCU - Identity Theft Problem

9. June 2006 • MarkDilley
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ypsi~dixit:U-M Credit Union Data Stolen: Fake Credit Cards Opened

WHOA. The U-M Credit Union confirmed on Thursday that a data theft last summer that is said to have not been discovered till this past March may have resulted in thousands of Credit Union customers becoming the victims of identity theft.

As one of the folks enrolled in an identity theft program because of this problem, I wonder how Jim Mattson, president and CEO, knows that less than 100 credit union members have had problems when 5000 were stolen?

Thanks to George, for the alert and his links: the Fedral Trade Commission has instructions about getting your free credit report and AnnualCreditReport (15-30 minutes)

  1. Well, it could have been worse I guess…

    Who’s on First?

    “WASHINGTON, June 9 — A computer hacker stole sensitive information on 1,500 people working for the nuclear-weapons unit of the Energy Department, but neither the theft victims nor high officials were notified for nine months”

       —Mark    Jun. 10 '06 - 10:02AM    #
  2. I remember hearing about both stories and wondering if they were related

       —Just a Voice    Jun. 13 '06 - 09:20PM    #