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"Texas Republicans Urged to Drop 'Christian Nation'"

2. July 2004 • Ari Paul
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Reuters reports:

DALLAS (Reuters) – A leading Jewish group on Tuesday asked the Republican Party in President Bush’s home state of Texas to stop calling the United States a “Christian nation” in its platform.

The Anti-Defamation League, which fights anti-Semitism and religious discrimination, said it was dismayed about the platform plank and other language in the document that describes as “a myth” the separation of church and state, which is enshrined by the U.S. Constitution and court rulings.

“America was founded on the belief that freedom of religion requires that the government take no official stance on, or participate in, religious activity or religion,” the group said in a letter to Tina Benkiser, the chairwoman of the Texas Republican Party.

In addition to long-established Jewish communities, Texas is home to a sizable population of Muslims, members of what experts say is one of the fastest growing religions in America.

Benkiser said in a statement Texans believe the party represents their beliefs and values.

“Our platform is an acknowledgment that most of our nation’s founding fathers had a deep faith in God,” she said.

The ADL, while vocal against the mix of Church and State, has often ignored Bush’s fundamentalist and anti-Semitic base and outwardly praised Bush due to his regime’s decision to take an extreme anti-Palestinian foreign policy stance.