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A2 on the music map, again

6. July 2006 • MarkDilley
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Thanks to a friend for passing this along. I have listened to the samples and I like them.

The freshest, most thrilling hip-hop album so far this year has come from the most unexpected of sources. Dabrye is just one of the many aliases of Tadd Mullinix, a 27-year-old electronic producer from the university town of Ann Arbor.

via BBC:Collective

  1. Don’t forget NOMO’s new release, “New Tones”, that’s getting great press.

    Here’s a review from

       —todd    Jul. 6 '06 - 02:59AM    #
  2. The Ghostly people have been putting Ann Arbor on the beat-centric music map for awhile, I believe.

       —tomo    Jul. 6 '06 - 06:37AM    #
  3. Uh, a know, Canada is on the bloody CMJ cover and was #1 most-added the other week… I’m just sayin’. Ann Arbor’s pretty steadily on the “music map” in general…

       —Brandon    Jul. 6 '06 - 06:28PM    #
  4. Whoa, whoa, whoa, tomo—Brandon doesn’t exactly have a sun-kissed complexion, but there’s no reason to go around calling him “ghostly.”

       —Dale    Jul. 6 '06 - 07:33PM    #
  5. Please realize “the ghostly people” ARE NOT inovative, fresh, thrilling, etc , AT ALL. The music is all boring and predictable, like a video game soundtrack with a spoiled art school student dropping the quarters so we can keep playing. Look to the pac-man ghost rip off logo for inspiration. The label is nothing but Jr. playing with .01% of daddy’s investment fund. All very safe, predictable and required to at least break even. Also that band Canada is pretty god damn boring. It might be surprising to hear, but there’s a band each and every week (for over 25 years) on the cover of CMJ, whoop de-doo. I think the most success any of them ever had was Sloan.

       —Rodney    Jul. 8 '06 - 05:24PM    #
  6. Sorry, I was a bit cranky this morning.

       —Rodney    Jul. 9 '06 - 06:44AM    #
  7. Okay, Rodney, what are YOUR favorite local acts?

       —Brandon    Jul. 9 '06 - 06:56AM    #