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Saturday in Ypsilanti: Shadow Art Fair

13. July 2006 • Brandon
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Forget art-on-a-stick (Chapman or otherwise) and suburbanites with strollers:

  1. The Chapman Stick is very cool. And you gotta love an organization that has web sites like and Emmett Chapman himself will be in town, both performing and teaching.

    Also this weekend:
    The Rolling Sculpture Car Show is downtown Friday from 2:00 to 10:00 pm. It is the most random, and therefore coolest, car show around.

    The Saline Celtic Festival on Saturday was pretty much rained out last year. The weather looks good this year. Lots of great music, dancing, and athletic events. The parade starts at 10:00, the opening ceremony is at 11:00.

    Soberfest on Sunday at West Park. A festival called Soberfest doesn’t sound like much fun, but it seemed like everyone who attended last year had a good time.

    The Townie Party is Monday from 5:00 to 9:00pm and kicks off Art Fair, which starts on Wednesday. Now, this isn’t the Townie Party, but is nonetheless a good time.

       —Juliew    Jul. 13 '06 - 05:43PM    #
  2. THE Townie Party would be the Doll Party I assume, julie?

       —Just a Voice    Jul. 13 '06 - 06:55PM    #
  3. Thanks for the mention. We appreciate it, and look forward to meeting you all tomorrow.

       —M    Jul. 14 '06 - 05:36PM    #
  4. Will there be Shadow Art Fair Bingo?

       —nart fair    Jul. 15 '06 - 12:45AM    #
  5. Shadow Art Fair Bingo

       —Z    Jul. 15 '06 - 12:51AM    #