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City Council, Calthorpe Edition

16. July 2006 • Dale Winling
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Ann Arbor City HallAfter a year of workshops, public input, local wrangling, and council delays, the city’s elected body will vote this Monday on implementation of the Downtown Development Strategies Implementation Work Plan. This vote was postponed from the last session of council.

Also on the agenda are the controversial Dolph Park zoning, a PUD for the Pfizer Research Park, and a reduction of payments in lieu of taxes for non-profit housing agencies.

Note to CTN: please work on the sound for people watching at home. It’s nearly inaudible.

  1. So, what happened?

       —Brandon    Jul. 18 '06 - 06:00PM    #
  2. Yeah, I’m dying to know whether Dolph will remain the exclusive domain of neighborhood only prevert cruisers, or whether it will be opened up to prevert cruisers citywide.

       —Parking Structure Dude!    Jul. 18 '06 - 06:20PM    #
  3. Interesting item on the Planning Commission’s agenda tonight regarding rezoning and annexing some of the Zion Lutheran Church property on Liberty. A previous discussion on Arbor Update discussed this property. I don’t know where it stands now in regard to the addition to Eberwhite Woods or how the Community Garden is going to fare. Sounds from the agenda like they may have decided to build single-family homes on the site.

       —Juliew    Jul. 18 '06 - 07:34PM    #
  4. Brandon—the meeting started with the always fun NIMBY or Palestine procession. The amended implementation work plan was passed unanimously. Dolph Park rezoning was passed. Several people opposed the Easy Street sidewalks, with one resident speaking for walkability. No decision on Village Green. Some council members wanted more time to look at BOTH proposals, so that was postponed. Annexation of Barton Green approved. Pfizer PUD heard but no action taken (of what I saw). Housing non-profits pay $1 per unit (rather than nothing due to state law). That’s all I was there for.

       —Dale    Jul. 18 '06 - 08:18PM    #