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3 days, 40+ bands: Madisonfest, this weekend

15. August 2006 • Murph
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This weekend, Madison House will be hosting Madisonfest, featuring every local band who couldn’t hide fast enough when Brandon came looking. The event will be the final Madison House show ever, and will be a benefit for the East Quad Music Co-op, 826michigan youth writing center, and community gardening group Growing Hope.

Full schedules are available on; Friday’s show will be at the West Park bandshell, with afterparty at the Blind Pig; Saturday and Sunday shows at Madison House, with Sunday afterparty at Leopold Bros.

  1. (image from a women’s bathroom stall, around this time a year ago…)

       —Murph.    Aug. 15 '06 - 04:49AM    #
  2. Question: is this the final Madison House show because the residents are moving, or because the neighbors don’t like it? Just curious.

       —Young Urban Amateur    Aug. 15 '06 - 05:35AM    #
  3. Ahem, uh, Murph, I really think enough folks would be showing up to this as-is… it’s not that big of a yard.

    P.S. Young Urban Amateur: since it’s mostly acoustic and shows end at a decent hour (and I’ve few immediate neighbors), we’ve had almost no problems with the neighborhood. However, I am moving to New York. Don’t worry, other fine folks such as Dale will still be there.

       —Brandon    Aug. 15 '06 - 06:43AM    #
  4. P.S. no, we aren’t charging any admission to the Park, and there’s no amplification, so we aren’t holding any sort of special, noisy event that would require some sort of permit. It is just a few folks hanging out in the park, except that a few of them might happen to have an acoustic guitar.

       —Brandon    Aug. 15 '06 - 06:46AM    #
  5. The link to the Friday show is broken.

       —Michael McC.    Aug. 15 '06 - 08:09PM    #
  6. Seems like it’s workin’ now…

       —Brandon    Aug. 15 '06 - 09:30PM    #
  7. This sounds awesomely fun. And what a great time of year to do it (could we ask for better weather?).

    Also, FYI all you party people who may be Ypsi inclined, Six Foot Poles, a local classic rock band (think Beatles, Smithereens, Van Morrison) is doing a benefit concert for SOS Community Services on Saturday, August 26th from 8-12 at Andrew’s on 517 Cross Street in Ypsi.

    There is no cover, all donations will go to SOS. Must be 21.

    Check out the Six Foot Poles website at

       —Nancy Shore    Aug. 15 '06 - 11:05PM    #
  8. In other news, it’s Punk Week this week. Doesn’t seem like they have a blog or website, (or the internet in general) though.

       —Brandon    Aug. 17 '06 - 10:35PM    #
  9. Aha! Madison House! That’s were we should have dropped the “NIMBY bomb.” 8-)

       —David Cahill    Aug. 18 '06 - 12:40AM    #
  10. The Easthope sign we had out front had me worried about it for a bit, admittedly. But Ann Arbor homeowners love acoustic music. I think.

       —Brandon    Aug. 18 '06 - 01:39AM    #
  11. Please note the Saturday festivities will be preceded by a yard sale at the Madison House, 9am to 11 or so. All the sweet stuff grad students can’t do without. I’ve got a table saw and a manual typewriter up for grabs.

       —Dale    Aug. 18 '06 - 02:55AM    #
  12. A table saw?? Dude!

    (Why do you own a table saw?)

    (Better question: why would you sell your table saw?)

       —Murph.    Aug. 18 '06 - 02:59AM    #
  13. Dude. Keep your bombs (nimby or otherwise) away from my house.

    And I expect everyone to be on their best behavior…..

       —Heidi    Aug. 18 '06 - 03:04AM    #
  14. So, are there any other Top Stories this week in Treetown? Slow news week? Bueller?

       —Brandon    Aug. 18 '06 - 04:42AM    #
  15. I thought the Easy Street sidewalk issue was worth a thread here. I heard the decision by council was delayed until 8/23.

    The News reports today that “baby blankets are a labor of love for 4-H members”, but there isn’t really much room for debate or discussion there. Unless, of course, one of the pro-development, puppy-smashing baby-haters wants to argue that this is a mis-alocation of funds or something.

    Other than that, I guess we’re all just anxiously awaiting reports on the return of students and their overstuffed porch furniture.

       —Scott TenBrink    Aug. 18 '06 - 06:23AM    #
  16. “I thought the Easy Street sidewalk issue was worth a thread here.”

    Write us a one-paragraph summary with any relevant links, mail it to arborupdate at, and you’ve got an article….

       —Bruce Fields    Aug. 18 '06 - 07:16AM    #
  17. I love it that Scott’s in Thailand and still knows more about Easy Street than probably half the jackasses who woke up on Easy Street this morning. And doubtless holds a more enlightened opinion on the subject than two-thirds of them.

    I’m fixin to go fourwheelin around Easy Street, seein as it’s the countryside and all.

       —Parking Structure Dude!    Aug. 18 '06 - 05:24PM    #
  18. PSD! – maybe you and I should borrow a manure spreader and help these good folks out with their peaceful country atmosphere…

       —Murph    Aug. 18 '06 - 08:04PM    #
  19. Damn. I keep meaning to make on e of these things you run. I probably hate half the acts you booked. But I’ll bet there are some I’d nevre hear otherwise who are keepers. Boatload o’ bands. The work!! Brandon, do you sleep or eat or work or things like this??? I guess it’s do or die so I’ll try to fall by.

    Anyhow, thanks for all the concert stuff. I don’t get there as much as I should, but I love West Park bandshell shows of any kind. Gospel to the community band. It’s people like you doing this kind of thing that are keeping AnnArbor’s traditional music scene growing from the bottom, not just a place where suburbanites come to see the big names play at the Hill or Mich.

       —AK    Aug. 18 '06 - 10:08PM    #
  20. re: speaking of punk week, when is the Shopping Cart race?

       —mora    Aug. 21 '06 - 08:08PM    #
  21. To whom it may concern:
    Permission to use the title WE ARE NOT AT A FUNERAL has not been granted so the title of
    the Madisonfest Documentary is simply MADISONFEST : A Documentary.
    A Free screening of the doc will be held at the bluish barn in Ann Arbor and will be open to the public. The bands who played are all invited to attend and to bring their friends and family. is their web site

       —Shawn    Jan. 10 '07 - 01:37PM    #