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City Council: Administrative Edition

18. September 2006 • Juliew
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Meeting tonight (Monday), September 18 at 7:00 pm.
Ann Arbor City Hall

Lots of administrative items on tonight’s agenda:
Vacating of two streets; bridge maintenance requests; waste facility reimbursements and upgrades; wastewater treatment plant materials and upgrades; utility easements; approval of a wireless antenna; transference of alcohol licenses; transference of delinquent board-up, clean-up, vacant property inspection and housing inspection fees to the December 2006 city tax roll, and so on.


  • Approval of rezoning of South University Avenue.
  • Resolution to adopt the Northeast Area Transportation Plan.
  • Approval of a budget appropriation for a professional services contract for a facility economics report update for Broadway Village.
  • Appropriation of funds from the Open Space and Parkland Preservation bond proceeds to reimburse the Open Space and Parkland Preservation millage fund.
  • The CVS Pharmacy planned project site plan on Stadium.

Planning Commission
Supposedly there is a meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, September 19 at 7:00 pm. The agenda is not available as of 3:00pm today. If it is posted, it should be here.

  1. Believe it or not, I think the Broadway Village appropriation (for $15,000) is a good idea. It is to pay for a report on the cost of the project.

    I just got 1001 pages of records from the City about Broadway Village (at 5 cents per page I coughed up $50.05). The staff is still struggling. Supplemental info I got today indicates that the staff group is now meeting monthly, much less frequently than in May and June.

       —David Cahill    Sep. 19 '06 - 08:19PM    #
  2. Too bad the Planning Commission agenda wasn’t ever posted (even by 11:18pm tonight). The main agenda item was the Georgetown Mall proposal and there were several hours of discussion, which was quite interesting.

    Speaking of the Planning Commission, has anyone else noticed that it has been even more marginalized in the last few months? Council seems to ignore most of the Planning Commission’s recommendations and it is hard to even find the CPC on the new web site. Even when you get there, the web site hasn’t been updated with new member names or an updated agenda. Hmmm.

       —Juliew    Sep. 20 '06 - 07:21AM    #
  3. The marginalization of the Planning Commission (and its staff) is part of Roger Fraser’s over-all plan to consolidate power in Council, a few high-ranking staff, and himself.

       —David Cahill    Sep. 20 '06 - 05:59PM    #