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One less brothel in Ann Arbor

13. October 2006 • Chuck Warpehoski
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The Ann Arbor News reports that police have arrested the owner and two employees of Skin Care Philosophie for allegedly offering sex acts for money.

Somehow I expected that a brothel would be a higher-volume business than this. Sgt. Brian Jatczak of Ann Arbor’s Special Investigations Unit says, “They appeared to be getting 10-plus customers a day.”

I don’t really think this affects too many people’s lives, but it should make for lively discussion.

  1. I love this excerpt—“Ann Arbor police began cracking down on potential brothels in 2001, closing five during simultaneous raids that emerged from a federal investigation. Additional spas were closed in December 2005 and last June.” Until 2001, did the Ann Arbor police look the other way?

       —Dale    Oct. 13 '06 - 08:01AM    #
  2. the question isn’t why AAPD looked the other way before 2001, but why the rest of the state still has tons of these places around

       —just a voice    Oct. 13 '06 - 07:02PM    #
  3. yes until 2001 they did look the other way, those massage parlors had been around since the 70’s and it wasn’t much of a secret. No more happy ending with asain massage in this century.

       —JJDL    Oct. 13 '06 - 08:52PM    #