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21. October 2006 • Juliew
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The 200 block of North Main is fully rented for the first time in recent memory with Peartree and Edible Arrangements opening. Khana Khazana Indian Restaurant has inexplicably become Chennai Vilas Indian Restaurant.

In the 200 block of South Main, Voila is having sales and will be closing soon. Another random Andy Gulvezan bar reimaging converts the Full Moon to the Monkey Bar, a Mexican restaurant.

The 300 block of South Main looks a bit empty with Ritters closing for the season, Jules closing for good after a brief move to Ashley, Sunglass Hut closed, and Improv Inferno and Pepperz leaving after a dispute with their landlord. Subway will be moving soon “within a few blocks” of their existing store. However, Mélange Bistro/Wine Bar (below Conor O’Neills and Rush Street) has received their liquor license and will open soon.

In the 400 block of South Main, Marnee Thai is still “opening soon.” Zenaida Lounge has applied for the liquor license from Middle Kingdom and is planning to reopen in late October with less chocolate and more alcohol.

In the 600 block of South Main, Cingular has moved closer to downtown to the McKinley Town Centre on Liberty. The Neutral Zone has moved to Washington Street. South Main Market has reorganized and awaits the opening of Copernicus (a Polish/European deli/bakery/market) set to open in November.

And, of course, a few changes are planned for the 1300 block of South Main.

  1. Another shop who’s time is gone
    Another shop to carry on

    A boutique here, a bistro there
    A place to style and cut your hair

    The day will come, or so I hope
    That I won’t feel like such a dope
    Because I play on townie vices
    And only shop when they slash their prices!

    But really now, it’s not quite dead
    We could have only chains, instead
    I hope the best for all Main stores
    And many gifts at fairy doors. . .

       —Nancy Shore    Oct. 22 '06 - 08:11AM    #
  2. Kingley Lane is in trouble yet again, according to an article in today’s AA News.

    Could it be that people are not willing to buy into this project because of its lack of parking? (I couldn’t resist. 8-) )

    I put this comment here because we don’t have a recent article on development.

       —David Cahill    Oct. 25 '06 - 10:24PM    #
  3. This is the article to which David refers.

       —Tom Brandt    Oct. 25 '06 - 10:39PM    #