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leaf pickup schedule

4. November 2006 • Bruce Fields
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leaf pile
Edward Vielmetti saves us from a gap in our leaf coverage:

This year’s leaf pickup schedule can be found here.

There was a discussion on our neighborhood email list about it, so I’m guessing that people all over town are kind of wondering when to expect the street sweeping trucks and front end loaders to appear.

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  1. Photo by Patrick Austin.

    Now arborupdate is in compliance with the CC license.

       —Patrick Austin    Nov. 6 '06 - 06:34PM    #
  2. “Now arborupdate is in compliance with the CC license.”

    Do you have an example of acceptable attribution of an inlined image? (Is alt text sufficient, or do we need a caption?) I think we’d just assumed it would be sufficient to link back to the flickr page with the authorship and licensing information.

    (Also, if you don’t consider the above sufficient in this particular case, let me know and I can remove the photo. Nice image, though.)

       —Bruce Fields    Nov. 6 '06 - 07:16PM    #