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A "virtual Research Triangle" for Michigan

28. November 2006 • Murph
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University Research Corridor logoThe University of Michigan, MSU, and Wayne State are announcing the creation of a new partnership, the University Research Corridor. Their vision:

Each of us features complete graduate and undergraduate education, as well as professional degrees in medicine, business and the law. Our research laboratories produce hundreds of patents each year, and our hospitals develop innovative medical treatments that save lives.

The combined experience and know-how of the URC universities are the hope of Michigan’s economy, producing new ideas and bright young minds to lead us all to a better future.

“Talent is our future,” says Wayne State University President Irvin D. Reid. “We are proud of our accomplishments today, but success depends upon our ability to equip tomorrow’s students with the knowledge and diverse learning experiences they need to succeed in a global economic environment.”

From the DetNews:

The greater focus on technology transfer is expected to increase retention of the state’s young creative minds, [WSU President Irvin] Reid said. The alliance builds on the 1999 Life Sciences Corridor initiative, where the three collaborated to help develop a biotechnology industry. Then in an unprecedented move earlier this year, the three university presidents testified together before a state House committee on university funding. Since then, the project for a University Research Corridor has been in the works, according to MSU President Lou Anna Simon.

“People want to invest in a place that they perceive is strong,” Simon said. The universities need to show that “we represent a strong market and we are as competitive as other markets,” she said.

  1. Okay, get to it. This state is about to be awash in unemployed autoworkers. We need some jobs. We need people to stop praying to the automobile and look into some other business.

       —Just a homeowner    Nov. 29 '06 - 10:43PM    #