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Skyline High

15. December 2006 • Juliew
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Well, the decision has been made, and the new high school will be Skyline High. Joining the ones in Washington, Arizona, Utah, Kansas, Texas, Colorado, and California.

Of course for many, the word Skyline makes them want to fire up the old RV, pick up some chili, and head south, but I’m sure we will get used to it.

And really, the Sky High Salamanders does have a certain ring to it.

  1. Is that photo in the post taken from the new high school?

       —HD    Dec. 15 '06 - 08:28PM    #
  2. Add my voice to the grumblings—both skyline and northcrest sound like subdivisions to me.

    But then, I went to the school with the uber-creative name, “Crandon High School,” so who am I to criticize?

       —Chuck Warpehoski    Dec. 15 '06 - 08:45PM    #
  3. “Is that photo in the post taken from the new high school?”

    Not unless it was taken through a telescope. I’d guess Hunt Park?

    And yeah, Skyline gives me gas.

       —Parking Structure Dude!    Dec. 15 '06 - 08:49PM    #
  4. I like the Sky High Salamanders! This name would offend both the animal-rights people and the anti-drug people.

       —David Cahill    Dec. 15 '06 - 10:48PM    #
  5. Is that photo in the post taken from the new high school?

    Naw, from the Elk’s Club parking lot, but it was the only skyline of Ann Arbor pic I had. It certainly isn’t Ann Arbor’s best feature.

    It is interesting to me how the school board managed to pick about the least likely feature and name the school after it. I guess part of it was that they didn’t want to name it after any natural feature that was demolished during the building so they settled for something random. I mean, why not Maple High if you don’t want to offend? Interesting to note that when Huron went to choose their mascot, the school board voted for the Hawks or the Hammerheads. It was the students who, thankfully, pushed for the River Rats. So hopefully the new students at Skyline will choose a nickname or mascot to make their school less suburban and bland.

       —Juliew    Dec. 15 '06 - 11:20PM    #
  6. Personally, I plan to refer to this new structure as Schembechler High. ;-)

       —Fred Zimmerman    Jul. 30 '07 - 06:41PM    #