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Truth, Stockings, and Peace Weekend

16. December 2006 • Juliew
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A reader writes:

This Saturday, December 16, thousands of us will get together in living rooms around the country, watch the blockbuster documentary An Inconvenient Truth, and press Congress to take action to solve our climate crisis. Immediately following the screenings, Al Gore will speak to all the participants and answer questions on a conference call. Click here to find a house party near you.

Ypsidixit writes:

Ypsilanti Depot Town Event:“Stuff Your Stocking Night”
Sunday, December 17, 4-6 p.m.

Get a stocking for $2 from CafĂ© Luwak at 42 E. Cross St. and fill it with lovely items from nine nearby Depot Town stores: Christmas ornaments, old-timey candy, mini-maracas, Ypsi-themed notecards, and organic treats; all under $5! You’ll leave with a finished, gift-wrapped stocking ready to give to family or friend. We’ll gift-wrap your choices for free! There’s free parking too, in the adjacent Farmer’s Market lot, and plenty of Depot Town cafes and bars for refreshments.

We’re partnering with SOS Community Services. If you’ve already finished your family stockings, and instead would like to make a stocking for a child served by SOS, you can! We’ll even deliver your stocking to SOS. Short on time? Make a $10 donation and we’ll make a stocking for you, and donate it to SOS. “Stuff Your Stocking Night” is a non-profit event, with all proceeds going to SOS.

Wrap up the weekend by attending the 5th Annual Concert for Peace Sunday night at 7:00 at the Ark. This is a benefit concert for Michigan Peaceworks.

  1. Great post, thanks. Not sure if you’ve seen this brief recent CNN piece on Gore, but I think it’s quite well done. Here’s a link to the youtube video

       —Minor Ripper    Dec. 16 '06 - 07:23PM    #