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More Suburban Rebels

6. July 2004 • Ari Paul
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From Michigan IMC:

Suburban Lesbians Of Michigan will be holding the organizations 2nd annual Benefit on Friday August 6th at Stiletto’s in Inkster, MI. Suburban Lesbians Of Michigan (SLOM) was established in September of 2002. It was founded by Kelly Leszczynski, the organizations current President. SLOM began as a small online community for lesbians within the state of Michigan. Leszczynski established the group as a way to meet new people within her area. She found that at the age of 24 she was lacking in the area of lesbian acquaintances. She utilized the internet as a way to allow people to come together both online and in person.

  1. Why, exactly, are suburban lesbians setting themselves off from urban ones? ...I guess suburban self-separation holds true even outside “mainstream” culture.
       —Brandon    Jul. 6 '04 - 06:32PM    #
  2. Brandon,

    I’m actually the founder fo the group. I grew up in Warren,MI. I suppose I named the group what I did because I didn’t feel like I had a “big city” to go to when I was growing up. Somewhere with rainbow flags and acceptance. Hence the name. However I assure that we have over 600 members from towns, cities, villiages and beyond now!
       —Kelly    Jul. 13 '04 - 01:59PM    #