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Ann Arbor Democratic Party General Meeting

12. January 2007 • Juliew
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January 13, 2007 10:00 am to 12 Noon
(New member orientation 9:30 am)
Michigan League, Koessler Room, 3rd floor (corner of Fletcher St. and North University)

  1. Approval of December minutes
  2. Resolution regarding escalation of Iraq war (see below)
  3. Appointment of liaison to city/county clerk
  4. Bylaws change in Article 2 (proposed changes to be distributed at the meeting)
  5. Discussion: a) Priorities of city party for 2007, b) Update on Court/police building, c) Open discussion

Full information is on the Ann Arbor Democratic Party web site.

Thanks David Cahill for submitting the agenda.

  1. Thanks, Juliew! I hope people interested in showing their opposition to Bush’s escalation of the Iraq war will be able to come.

    The media may be there, so the more folks present the better.

       —David Cahill    Jan. 12 '07 - 07:09AM    #
  2. Please come to the meeting. Amendments from the floor are always welcome.

       —David Cahill    Jan. 12 '07 - 09:23PM    #