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Last Year in Local Music

23. January 2007 • Brandon
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Music websites Celestial Biscuit and Just Haircuts and Jackets offer their recaps of music from Washtenaw County and beyond in 2006.

On a related note, the Bluish Barn will be screening a documentary about Madisonfest this Thursday at 9 p.m.:

Of course, if you missed the Madisonfest, this is your chance to get a sense of what happened. But what I like about the format is that it performs a sort of leveling to what can be a confusing and seemingly impenetrable local music scene for people who might not have ever heard of Madisonfest. You don’t have to be part of the scene to know about some obscure house show where one of these artists is playing. You don’t have to stay up late in a smoky bar or sit awkwardly among a bunch of reverent scenesters. And you don’t have to be assaulted with reminders about merch for sale or feel weird about leaving to go to the bathroom – or just leaving. People ignorant of the local “folk” scene – or whatever it’s called – can judge the performers alongside each other onscreen, one song at a time.

It’s incredibly mediated, but incredibly convenient, like many modern pleasures. Come get to know a huge chunk of Ann Arbor’s local music scene in 2 hours in the comfort of the Bluish Barn parlor room.