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City Council: Citywide Culture Edition

4. February 2007 • Juliew
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Monday, February 5 at 7:00 pm.
Ann Arbor City HallCity Council Agenda


  • First phase of the budget and implementation strategy for planning and design of the new court and police building
  • Community events funds disbursements from the 2007 budget
  • Georgetown Commons rezoning
  • Approval of professional services agreement with Denison Consulting, LLC to Facilitate Implementation of a Citywide Culture Survey

Planning Commission
Tuesday, February 6 at 7:00 pm.
Planning Commission Agenda


  • Public Hearing and Adoption of Flood Mitigation Plan

  1. The Caucus meeting for tonight has been cancelled (per an announcement on the City’s web site).

       —Juliew    Feb. 5 '07 - 03:43AM    #
  2. The web site says that the “February 5, 2006” caucus has been canceled. Hm. Wrong day, wrong year.

    There is no resolution text on the court/police building, just a title and “pending”. I suppose this is an improvement over considering resolutions without any advance notice, as Council has done recently.

       —David Cahill    Feb. 5 '07 - 04:16AM    #
  3. Also, the historic preservation people are saying that tomorrow Council will consider at first reading the ordinance which will totally rewrite the various historic district ordinances. There is no notice of this on the agenda. Will it happen or not? Stay tuned!

       —David Cahill    Feb. 5 '07 - 04:31AM    #
  4. The police/court resolution is now posted on the City’s web site. See item DS-3 on tonight’s agenda.

       —David Cahill    Feb. 5 '07 - 08:08PM    #
  5. The Historic Preservation amendment is up now too: item C-2 on the agenda.

       —Juliew    Feb. 5 '07 - 08:32PM    #
  6. The historic preservation jungle drums say that Council member Marcia Higgins wanted first reading of this omnibus ordinance to be March 5. She felt that if first reading was tonight, then the public hearing and second reading would be when many people were away for break. She did not want the public to feel that Council had passed this while so many were absent.

    Who knows what Council will do tonight? They could postpone first reading to March 5, I suppose…

       —David Cahill    Feb. 6 '07 - 03:00AM    #