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City Council: Historic Preservation Update

5. March 2007 • Juliew
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Monday, March 5 at 7:00 pm.Ann Arbor City Hall

City Council Agenda


  • Historic Preservation District Update

  • 200 South Ashley Street Site Plan
  • Revised resolution to approve a contract with Quinn Evans|Architects for the planning and design of the Ann Arbor Municipal Center and Establish a Project Budget for the Police/Courts Building

  1. The historic preservation rewrite should go through without much controversy. Most local historic preservationists are supporting it. There is still some struggle about the new rule which would say that the entire exterior of a structure would be subject to regulation. This is known in the trade as the 360-degree rule.

    On the other hand, there may be blood on the Councl floor caused by the revised resolution to hire an architect for the Roger Fraser Palace of Repression. Chris Easthope (who now dominates Council) says he has six votes to pass the resolution. Some are saying it still takes eight votes, not just six, because the required transfer of money into the municipal center fund was never made. The mayor, who opposes this project, could veto anything passed with just six votes. Will he?

    I know that a couple of leading County Commissioners are saying that the District Court might be permitted to stay in the County Courthouse after all, and that there has been direct communication between Council members and County Commissioners. So it may be revealed tonight that this whole project is unnecessary.

    Or maybe not.

       —David Cahill    Mar. 5 '07 - 06:30PM    #
  2. Unbelievable! John Hieftje told Council last night that he would veto the architects’ contract for the police/court facility! The vote to approve the contract was 7-4 (same as last time). It takes 8 votes to override.

       —David Cahill    Mar. 6 '07 - 06:23PM    #
  3. Nice article/picture in today’s news, David (I love your house!!). :)

    PS: Not sure if you remember me, but we were on the ACLU Lawyers’ Comm. when I used to practice law….

       —TeacherPatti    Mar. 7 '07 - 05:21AM    #
  4. Hi, Patti! Nice to hear from you again.

    I thought the picture was better of the house than of me….

       —David Cahill    Mar. 7 '07 - 06:39AM    #