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Daily's Coverage of Farenheit Screening

6. July 2004 • Rob Goodspeed
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A reader writes:

I was very surprised to see in today’s Daily an article on Lila Lipscomb (the grieving mother from Fahrenheit 9/11) that went out of its way to paint her in an unfavorable light. Virtually all of the quotes they use seem to be attempts at embarrassing her or
“gotcha” quotes. See for yourself:

Make up your own mind – here’s the story:

> “Military mom … speaks to crowd”

  1. Virtually all of the quotes they use seem to be attempts at embarrassing her or
    “gotcha” quotes. See for yourself:

    That’s nothing:

    Didn’t you see interview with Fadi, the patron saint? Thank goodness he decided to assist the Palestinian people in such a constructive manner.

    The Daily should work on getting its personages straight.
       —far    Jul. 6 '04 - 09:44PM    #
  2. ”...some reacted with boos when she opined that one should always “respect the position of the president of the United States.”

    Audience members applauded when she quickly clarified that she felt one should respect the position, but not necessarily the person.”

    And I thought the Left was supposed to be open to diverse opinions.

    With liberals these days, everything you say has to be no less than a direct attack on the President. Sorta makes serious discussion among liberals impossible.
       —Dave    Jul. 6 '04 - 10:12PM    #
  3. Dave: and here I thought we liberals were such moral relativists that we agree with everything? Tell me exactly what is wrong with booing a president that you think is terrible.

    some reacted with boos”

    Nice job over-generalizing. Next, you’ll posit that even some shouldn’t have booed.. because.. because.. ah, nevermind!
       —Eric Goldberg    Jul. 7 '04 - 11:35AM    #
  4. What do you expect from any campus rag? Just because it is a UM student-run paper does not exempt it from the foibles commonly-and often rightfully-attributed to student papers.
       —Paul Taylor    Jul. 7 '04 - 03:56PM    #
  5. One of the things I appreciated the Goodspeed Update for was it’s ombudsman-in-exile take on the Daily. The Daily could be a lot better than it is and I think to the extent that this blog picks up the GU torch, that’s something we should try and do.
       —Scott Trudeau    Jul. 7 '04 - 04:22PM    #