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City Council: Indefinite Delay

19. March 2007 • Juliew
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Monday, March 19 at 7:00 pm
Ann Arbor City HallCity Council Agenda


  • Historic Preservation Code (again).
  • Request to Reconsider Resolution to Approve a Professional Services Agreement with Quinn Evans Architects for the Planning and Design of the Ann Arbor Municipal Center and Establish a Project Budget for the Police/Courts Building.
  • Resolution Authorizing an Indefinite Delay in the Submittal of the Request for Proposals for the Sale and Redevelopment of the S. Ashley (Kline lot) Site.
  • Resolution to Approve a Professional Services Agreement with Winter & Company/RACESTUDIO ($103,735.00) and Establish a Project Budget for the Urban Design Guidelines Project.
  • Resolution to Approve Citi Centre Lofts (Washington Terrace) Revisions.

  1. The request to reconsider the resolution on the police/court facility is good news. The resolution originally had 4 “no” votes. When we add those 4 to the 3 Council members moving to reconsider, we get 7 votes opposed to the resolution. Plus, Council member Greden was quoted in the AA News as saying he would change his original “yes” vote.

    At the AA Dem meeting on March 10, Mayor Hieftje said he was prepared to veto the resolution. He said he wanted to look at the court/police issue again after the new budget was adopted. He said that the departments typically come up with proposed cuts in people and services that are not adopted.

    The mayor also said he favored increased cooperation between the City and the County on this issue. He said he thought there might be a chance that the County would extend the lease for the District Court.

    A resolution was offered at the Party meeting commending the mayor for his promised veto. But the mayor said he did not want it passed! He said he would prefer to work with Council on these issues. So the resolution failed on a 21-21 vote.

    The idea of reconsidering the adoption of the resolution, and postponing further consideration until after the adoption of the budget, seems like a good one to me.

       —David Cahill    Mar. 19 '07 - 04:45PM    #