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City Council: Low-Income Housing

14. April 2007 • Juliew
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Monday, April 16 at 7:00 pm. Ann Arbor City HallCity Council Agenda


  • Public Hearing on Housing and Human Services Needs for the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Consolidated Strategy and Plan
  • Resolution Endorsing the Concept of Pursuing 500 Units of Housing Via Obtaining Federal Vouchers that will be Used to Provide Affordable Housing within McKinley Properties throughout Washtenaw County
  • City Hall roof issues
  • Area Plan Consolidation – Comprehensive Master Planning

  1. The memo about the City Hall roof (F-3) is truly hilarious and deserves careful reading. Wait until you get to the part about excess water being contained in bladders!

    Almost as enjoyable is item CA-4. It appears that as long as the mind of humanity runneth not to the contrary, what everyone thought was part of Geddes Avenue near the bridge was really Huron River Drive. This resolution would re-name the problem part to conform with what people thought was its name all along. 8-)

       —David Cahill    Apr. 15 '07 - 05:39PM    #
  2. There was an Article

    On McKinley providing vouchers in the Ann Arbor News. I think it is great that McKinley is trying to help folks who need affordable housing, but to qualify, you need to make 80% of AMI or $42,000.

    Well most of the homeless families served by SOS make about 0-20% of AMI, so they won’t be able to use these kind of vouchers. If I was living on my own, my nonprofit salary would qualify me for a Section 8 voucher. I’m not sure professionals like me should be the target market. And isn’t something screwy in this community when a professional making upwards of $35,000 qualifies for a Section 8 Voucher?

       —Nancy Shore    Apr. 25 '07 - 07:39PM    #
  3. I don’t think the article is right. I doubt that there is a minimum income of 80% of AMI to qualify. I think that is a maximum instead. But that’s just a guess.

       —David Cahill    Apr. 26 '07 - 12:48AM    #
  4. Yes, Nancy – 80% AMI is the maximum. This is aimed at low income people and one of the people in McKinley who is working on this is on the Board of the Shelter Assn. This program is to address one of the biggest barriers to sustaining housing in Wash. Co. – it’s affordability.

       —Leah Gunn    Apr. 26 '07 - 03:18AM    #
  5. Graduate students with families qualify for subsudized school lunches…..

       —Cooler Heads    Apr. 26 '07 - 10:43PM    #