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20. April 2007 • Juliew
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Huron River Drive Closing/Event, Saturday, April 21
Huron River Drive will be closed to motorized vehicles this Saturday (April 21) from 9:00am to noon. Meet with City project staff along the route, ask questions, read the information boards, be a part of discussions, and join in the bicycle and walking tours.

Transportation Workshop, Monday, April 23
Do you have an opinion about streets, transit, sidewalks and bike paths in Ann Arbor? City of Ann Arbor staff are holding two transportation workshops this Monday, April 23 to find out just what the public thinks about transportation in Ann Arbor. The goal of the workshop is to assist staff in updating the city’s transportation plan, which will result in transportation goals and objectives and a framework for the funding of transportation improvements for the next 25 years. The workshops will be at Huron High School, 2727 Fuller Road, in the school’s Media Center. The first public workshop will begin at 4:00pm and the second workshop will start at 7:00pm. Attendees should attend only one of the two 90-minute workshops.

  1. Not surprisingly, people in Ann Arbor have had strong opinions about transportation for most of the City’s history. The Students on Site website has a great overview of some of the issues over the years, including a hysterical set of letters about parking meters from 1938 (at the bottom of the Automobile in Ann Arbor section).

       —Juliew    Apr. 20 '07 - 07:57PM    #
  2. Unfortunately, the transportation workshops were very poorly attended. The 4:00 session had about a dozen people and the 7:00 session had only 6. So I guess if you want people to give their opinions on these sorts of things, you have to threaten to add a parking lot or ugly building. Although, to be fair, several of the attendees were there because of an e-mail that went out from the Sierra Club. Needless to say, the idea of a greenway was heavily promoted.

    Despite the poor turnout (they were hoping for a few hundred people), a lot of good ideas were introduced and discussed. The project team is planning to post the slides and the survey on the transportation plan web site within the next week or two.

       —Juliew    Apr. 24 '07 - 08:11PM    #
  3. I’m really surprised that so few people turned out. Maybe the topic was too nebulous to get many folks’ attention. I remember that close to a hundred people turned out (repeatedly) for the Northeast Area Plan and the Northeast Area Transportation Plan meetings several years ago.

       —David Cahill    Apr. 24 '07 - 11:40PM    #
  4. It is not easy to get people out to something. It may be because things are going relatively well in A2 despite the state situation. I attended one of the city’s budget meetings and there was a handful of people there, most because of a special interest. Contrast that with the meetings about Huron Riv. Drive. I doubt the option of closing the road has any legs but just the threat is enough to bring out 200 people.

       —Dustin    Apr. 25 '07 - 04:26AM    #
  5. Free food… they need to provide free food!

       —paul    Apr. 25 '07 - 06:12AM    #