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Bike Fest this Friday

14. June 2007 • Bruce Fields
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bike fest
Main will be closed to traffic downtown from 6 to 9pm this Friday for the bike fest and green fair. Bike fest highlights include:

  • Freeride Bike Demo
  • Bike Obstacle Courses & Races
  • Track Stand Contests (“Contests will open to participate in throughout the entire evening. We will hold a large group track stand contest at 8:45 pm.”)
  • Bike Maintenance & Safety Inspection Booth (with Introductory Bike Maintenance Class from 7:30-8:30pm)
  • Displays by local bike shops and membership organizations
  • Informative displays on the City’s adopted Non-motorized Transportation Plan
  • Activities for kids. Bring your bike and helmet!
  • Free, attended bike parking

  1. HD also has a relevant interview.

       —Bruce Fields    Jun. 15 '07 - 07:59PM    #
  2. I walked up and down the bike fair after work today. There were lots of people, and lots of bikes. Looked like a success!

       —Bruce Fields    Jun. 16 '07 - 06:47AM    #