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Councilmember Suarez guest blogs on Metromode

14. June 2007 • Murph
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Freshman First Ward Councilmember Ron Suarez, the only person on City Council known to have an active online presence, will be Metromode’s guest blogger for the next week.

Metromode is likely somewhat more interested in his experience as serial entrepreneur than City Councilmember, but we’ll see where he goes with it.

  1. Murph,
    Can you tell me a little more about Metomode? I’ve never seen it before and it looks pretty cool.

       —Nancy Shore    Jun. 14 '07 - 09:47PM    #
  2. Nancy, start with Model D. Model D is a news site dedicated to “changing the conversation about Detroit” – basically, they’re a news company (professional journalists, photographers, etc) dedicated to covering the Good Stuff happening in Detroit (business, culture, investments, etc) as an explicit contrast to the “if it bleeds, it leads” mainstream media’s take on Detroit.

    They’ve spun off from Model D to Pop City (covering Pittsburgh), Rapid Growth (Grand Rapids), and Metromode (covering the Detroit metropolitan area). They’re looking at setting up some smaller sites around SEMi to cover individual cities; Ypsi’s one of the places they’ve been approaching people . They’re pretty unashamed boosters of these cities, intent on targeting the “creative class” type demographic (and the businesses and developers that love them) and convincing them that these cities are good places to live / work / play. I think they’re pretty neat.

    (Full disclosure: they read ArborUpdate, and I have received an invitation to guest blog for them – but I think they’re pretty neat regardless.)

       —Murph.    Jun. 15 '07 - 01:35AM    #
  3. Wow, that is very cool. I love this idea, and I hope it succeeds in metro Detroit, and I hope AA might start to think of itself as part of the metro area.

       —Cooler Heads    Jun. 15 '07 - 02:47AM    #
  4. Murph,
    Thanks for the history. I think Ypsi would be a great addition to these sites.

       —Nancy Shore    Jun. 15 '07 - 04:31PM    #