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Squirm, Bill Gates, Squirm

7. July 2004 • Ari Paul
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For all you internet nerds, Linux/open-office fans, and general technology junkies.

From “But six years later, the surviving members of the Mozilla insurgency are staging a comeback. The latest version of Firefox, released this Monday, has a more professional look, online help, and a tool that automatically imports your bookmarks, history, site passwords, and other settings from Explorer. Meanwhile, all-conquering Internet Explorer has been stuck in the mud for the past year, as Microsoft stopped delivering new versions. The company now rolls out only an occasional fix as part of its Windows updates. Gates and company won the browser war, so why keep fighting it?”

  1. Given the latest IE exploits and Microsoft’s piss poor job at getting out patches, even the Department of Homeland Security and CERT are calling for folks to dump IE and use
    Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox or Opera.

    Also, note that Slate is owned by MS.
       —Scott Trudeau    Jul. 7 '04 - 04:20PM    #
  2. I made the switch to Firefox just this week. The only problem I have had with it is the rare add-on or extension that is IE exclusive (only one so far).
       —sergei    Jul. 7 '04 - 05:06PM    #