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13. July 2007 • Juliew
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There are a lot of fun things to do this weekend in and around Ann Arbor.

Rolling Sculpture Car Show Friday, July 13 from 2:00pm to 10:00pm in the Main Street Area. A lot of cool cars parked in the street, which, strangely enough, is actually a lot of fun.

Saline Celtic Festival Friday from 6:00pm-midnight and Saturday from 9:00am to midnight at Saline’s Millpond Park. Bagpipes, fiddles, dancing, food, drink, swordplay, Vikings, and caber-tossing; what more could you want?

Shadow Art Fair Saturday from noon to midnight at the Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti. “A twelve-hour, all-ages, free event showcasing the work of over forty local and regional, independent artists and live performers. Artists range from local car salesman, painter, and coffee roaster, John Roos to Madison, Wisconsin recycling artist Emily Kircher to Mt. Pleasant linoleum print artist, Yu-Hsuan (Sherry) Lin to Chicago greeting card company Nourishing Notes. Items available at the event include clothing, accessories, prints, leather, photography, painting, zines, comics, records, home goods, stencils, and greeting cards.”

Huron River Day Sunday from 8:30am to 4:00pm at Gallup Park (there are a few events also scheduled for Saturday, including a guided canoe trip from Ann Arbor to Ypsi). If you can’t make it to see Liz Elling swimming under the Broadway Bridge, she will also be at Gallup Park to help celebrate Huron River Day. There is a fun run, a 5k, canoe races, canoe and kayak trips, and lots more.

Townie Party Monday from 5:00pm to 9:00pm on Washington between Thayer and Fletcher. OK, yeah, so it was started as a ruse to get people to go to the Street Art Fair in its new location. But still, it is a fun time and they get points for having the Pretzel Bell on their poster.

  1. You forgot Michigan Elvisfest!

    re: Huron River Day – on Monday, I believe there’s an Ypsi event at noonish at Peninsular Park (Huron River Drive & Leforge Road) and an evening event at Hydro Park North (Bridge Road, at the bottom end of Ford Lake).

       —Murph.    Jul. 13 '07 - 06:36AM    #
  2. Ahh, I knew there was something I meant to include! And I even know one of the chief Elvi.

       —Juliew    Jul. 13 '07 - 07:08AM    #
  3. There’s also a 5th Ward candidates forum/picnic on Saturday from 12-3 at Waterworks Park, sponsored by the 5th ward Dems. It’s no Elvis Fest, but the signs on the lightpoles say there will be food.

       —Chuck Warpehoski    Jul. 13 '07 - 07:33PM    #
  4. Liz went under the Broadway Bridge at 10:44am, so the time estimate was pretty good. She was in a canoe due to the shallow water.

    A guy in full waters, fishing hat, vest and fly pole was in the water, catching (and releasing) several small fish during the half hour before Liz’s flotilla passed through.

       —HD    Jul. 15 '07 - 11:36PM    #
  5. full waders ... full length waders … a fisherman

       —HD    Jul. 16 '07 - 01:55AM    #
  6. Hey, Dave, it seems like I’ve noticed a lot more fly fishers in the Huron this year. Any idea what they’re fishing for?

    As a lazy bobber fisherman, I only associate fly fishing with trout, of which, correct me if I’m wrong, the Huron is bereft.

       —Parking Structure Dude!    Jul. 16 '07 - 09:02PM    #
  7. The City has a guide about fishing on the Huron:

       —John Q.    Jul. 16 '07 - 09:19PM    #
  8. “Any idea what they’re fishing for?”

    What he was fishing for I’m not sure, but what he was catching appeared from my distance to be in the bluegill family.

       —HD    Jul. 17 '07 - 12:28AM    #
  9. Thanks, Dave. That’s kind of what I figured. They’re catching the same sort of things that I catch, they’re just working harder to do it.

    And, in fairness, they’re looking a lot cooler while they’re doing it.

       —Parking Structure Dude!    Jul. 17 '07 - 01:14AM    #
  10. I saw someone fishing the mighty Huron today – bass and catfish in the old canal area just downstream from the Broadway Bridge.

       —Edward Vielmetti    Aug. 1 '07 - 08:50AM    #