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EMU tells Fallon to hit the road

16. July 2007 • Chuck Warpehoski
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It’s official EMU President John Fallon got the boot on Sunday.

The Trustees meet today, and there’s speculation that he may not be the only one to go.

That’s what, 2 presidents gone in 2 years? Let’s hope we see some solid leadership at EMU with the next president.

  1. Sure hope he doesn’t get a buyout package like the last president.

       —Former Huron    Jul. 16 '07 - 06:44PM    #
  2. I hope Fallon’s firing leads to a “change of culture” at EMU. For decades, EMU has treated students and faculty like slaves on a plantation. If you didn’t like it, you could get out. The “University House” was a self-satire of the “Big House” on a plantation.

       —David Cahill    Jul. 16 '07 - 07:57PM    #
  3. Fallon should be the tip of the iceberg. I went to EMU and I stil take classes; my point is how many people can say “I know nothing”? Some of the regents should be told bye bye, even if it never shows up if they knew anything or not.

    Stand up, time for a major change at EMU.

       —Steven M. Jones    Jul. 16 '07 - 09:07PM    #
  4. The problem with EMU is campus-wide, IMHO. I had the misfortune of working in EMU’s education “academic services” department. The joke was that the department was neither academic nor offered services. The head of the “academic services” department (not the head dean—he’s cool) did not have a degree in Education, had no management experience, and in fact, was IN the post-bac program to get his education certification/degree. While I was there, this guy ordered the wrong software for a department-wide update, refused to deal with any personnel issues and had a tendency to skip out “on vacation” whenever crap was about to hit the fan. Students dreaded going into the office for any reason and the general consensus was to avoid the office like the plague. Despite this, however, AFAIK this guy is still sitting over there in his plush office, counting his six-figure salary and still clueless about how to run an office.

    I bring this up to illustrate that the problem with the administration at EMU is NOT limited to the President’s House. I really admire the teachers who teach there—I have no idea how they put up with the gross incompetence at so many levels.

       —Anon    Jul. 16 '07 - 09:17PM    #
  5. You can also read more at the New York Times

    on Mark Maynard’s Blog

    and on Downtown Ypsi

    and on CNN

       —Nancy Shore    Jul. 16 '07 - 11:37PM    #
  6. Vice President of Student Affairs Jim Vick and Public Safety Director Cindy Hall were also canned, according to the Ann Arbor News .

       —Tom Brandt    Jul. 17 '07 - 05:44AM    #
  7. From what I hear EMU is looking to turn around, hopefully from the inside out.

    The school really suffers from some major issues, which really punish the handful of excellent professors.

       —Ross Johnson    Jul. 17 '07 - 09:46PM    #
  8. The recent post on the Ann Arbor News Blog sheds some light on what happened. It doesn’t paint the trustees in a positive light at all.

    I don’t think Fallon was a good President, and I support his ouster, but what this story says (and what I’m hearing from EMU faculty) tells me that the EMU regents are as bad—or worse.

    I’m normally not in favor of a “throw the bums out” clean sweep, but with what I’m seeing from the EMU trustees, that might be what’s needed.

       —Chuck Warpehoski    Aug. 10 '07 - 01:44AM    #
  9. Note that 4 of the 7 Regents were not even serving on the Board at the time of the murder (December) – they were appointed at the end of the year, and their first meeting was January 25. I’m curious, Chuck, what behavior of theirs you think deserves a “clean sweep”; I don’t see anything in that article that would necessitate such a move, and even what allegations are in the article largely seem to come from Fallon.

    I note in that article that Fallon – the administrative head of the University – was fully willing to throw Vick and Hall to the wolves, but expected to not even receive a formal reprimand himself for the murder case.

       —Murph.    Aug. 10 '07 - 06:36AM    #
  10. It always amazes me when I read about these interactions between boards and Presidents that so often it seems to come down to poor e-mail judgment.

    Fallon apparently demanded an immediate reply, in writing, to his request for a raise in the midst of middle of the worst crisis in EMU history, then sent a threatening note to a group of suspicious regents who (as Murph points out) didn’t really know him. Gee, what a surprise that he didn’t get what he wanted …

    The bottom line is that Fallon is not willing to take responsibility for this massive screw-up. Didn’t anyone ever tell him that supposedly accountability is the justification for the obscene salaries for C-level executives in the US?

       —Fred Zimmerman    Aug. 10 '07 - 05:48PM    #
  11. So now Fallon is suing EMU for violating the whistle-blower act in firing him.

    Can EMU sue Fallon for being a crybaby?

    He’s already getting hundreds of thousands of dollars in payoff after a pretty disappointing term as president, and now he’s suing to get his job back.


       —Chuck Warpehoski    Oct. 22 '07 - 07:42AM    #