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Art Fair 2007

18. July 2007 • Juliew
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Don’t forget that this is Art Fair week. The Fairs run today through Saturday at 6:00pm.

The Ann Arbor Convention & Visitor’s Bureau has a nice web site set up for the fairs. It even has a nifty interactive map that will help you find the nearest Port-A-John or shuttle bus stop. The web address is:

  1. I don’t have time to check it out myself, but I hope someone can head over to N. University somewhere tomorrow (Thursday) and report back on the tryouts for the next season of Survivor?

    When I saw this listed on the Art Fair schedule, everything started to add up. What’s everything? Well, when the new water usage web interface was demo-ed at a Council meeting a few weeks back, the example account used was that of Leigh Greden, and the interface showed how his recent usage had spiked. Now I realize why it spiked—Greden must have constructed a simulated island environment to practice for the Survivor tryouts. So can someone please, please, please report back on how Leigh’s tryout goes?

    I think the Survivor tryout also explains why Steve Kunselman’s face is freshly shorn of his trademark beard … better aerodynamics for Survivor competitions. So, can someone please also report back on how Steve’s tryout goes?

    As much as it pains a proud 5th Warder like me to concede this, the Third Ward Council contingent seems to be way out in front of all the other wards on the Survivor issue.

       —HD    Jul. 19 '07 - 05:36AM    #
  2. Where’s our art fair bingo?

       —AHFB    Jul. 19 '07 - 01:32PM    #
  3. AHFB, not sure if there is art fair bingo this year, but the annual doll party took place on tuesday night

       —just a voice    Jul. 19 '07 - 05:50PM    #
  4. Found a Bingo card at:

    Personally, those “double wide” strollers drive me bat-crap insane.

       —TeacherPatti    Jul. 19 '07 - 07:44PM    #
  5. Direct link to the bingo card here –

       —Katy    Jul. 19 '07 - 08:18PM    #
  6. You can count on Art Fair to end a drought.

       —Cooler Heads    Jul. 20 '07 - 12:08AM    #