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Can we get good design by committee?

29. August 2007 • Chuck Warpehoski
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In fundraising and PR, it’s well established that one of the best ways to get dreadful design is to design by committee (brilliantly demonstrated here)

But can it work to have a committee design craft guidelines for design? We’ll find out with the A2 public forum on urban design guidelines.

It will be from 7 to 9 p.m. on Sept. 5 in the Michigan League Michigan Room (911 N. University Ave.)

And after this public committee forum, the great and powerful The Design Guidelines Advisory Committee will take the input, make a proposal, and then turn it over to another committee—the City Council—for review.

  1. One man working alone will dare to paint a room fuscia. A group of people working together will always paint it beige.

       —Robert Moses    Aug. 30 '07 - 06:24AM    #
  2. Excerpts of an email from Wendy Rampson advertising for this effort:

    Tuesday 9/4
    The first draft of the design guidelines will be posted on the A2D2 website by mid-day. Comments on this draft will be accepted through September 18, 2007.

    Wednesday 9/5
    7:00 pm – Urban Design Community Workshop #3 (Michigan Room, Michigan League)

    Thursday 9/6
    7:30 am – A2D2 Steering Committee Meeting (6th Floor Conference Room, City Hall)

    2:00 pm – Question and answer session with consultants Bruce Race and Nore Winter (5th Floor Conference Room, City Hall)

    4:30 pm – Downtown Zoning Advisory Committee briefing on proposed design standards (4th Floor Conference Room, City Hall)

    Background materials for all of the A2D2 projects, including previous urban design workshops and advisory committee meetings, may be found on the website at

       —KGS    Sep. 6 '07 - 12:10AM    #