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Michigan Land Use Institute is Hiring

7. July 2004 • Ari Paul
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“The Michigan Land Use Institute, one of America’s largest and most effective state-based Smart Growth advocacy organizations, seeks an accomplished project coordinator and writer to conserve farmland, grow jobs, and enrich communities by advocating for agricultural entrepreneurs and community-based food systems in Michigan,” reads an ad from

However, the ad forgets to mention the best part of job. You will be able to work with former Daily columnist, Jess Piskor.

  1. Yes, the MLUI is offering that job, but ari is incorrect, because if one of you fools get that job, you will not get to work with me, because I am applying for that job. So if you get the job,it means I didn’t.

    the job sucks anyway, if I were any of you, i wouldn’t even bother applying.

    jess piskor
       —Jess Piskor    Jul. 8 '04 - 10:51AM    #
  2. i’m sorry to hear that, jess…you should move back to ann arbor and start a chicken farm…

    i feel like chicken tonight,
    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Jul. 8 '04 - 03:38PM    #