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Ann Arbor Film Festival sells their pride, raises cash

27. October 2007 • Murph
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The Ann Arbor Film Festival is attempting to raise $75,000 in three months (currently in month 2) in their Endangered campaign. The funds are needed to help the Festival do their thing, after the loss of State cultural funding and the demands of their freedom of speech lawsuit.

As fundraising goals are met, Festival staffers will perform “Acts of Audacity” in thanks, with every donation giving you a vote from a slate of three proposed Acts, meaning that your donation gives you both high culture later and cheap thrills now.

Appropriately enough, all of this information and more is available on YouTube:

Since the Festival met their first month’s fundraising goal, the first Act of Audacity, Glam Rock Karaoke, is also YouTubed for your viewing pleasure.

  1. Personally, I like the furry badminton showdown Act for round 2…

       —Murph.    Oct. 27 '07 - 07:46PM    #
  2. I picked the Singin’ in the Rain one, because that is one of my all-time favorite movie scenes :)

       —TeacherPatti    Oct. 27 '07 - 08:40PM    #
  3. Alan Haber sighting at the end of the Act of Audacity #1 video.

       —Dale    Oct. 31 '07 - 02:45AM    #
  4. The Ann Arbor Film Festival is currently doing well and its 47th festival will be launched in late March of 2009. It has long been considered one of the premiere national forums for independent filmmaking.

       —Mark Koroi    Jan. 27 '09 - 09:03AM    #