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30. October 2007 • Juliew
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The owner of 607 E. William Street (currently College Shoe Repair and Hockey Equip.): is looking for a long-term lease with a national tenant. $35/square foot.

  1. With the nearest Jimmy John’s nearly half a block away, I think this would be an awesome spot to open one up.

    And anyone looking for shoe repair in the future, I’m fond of Kaye on 4th, near the food coop. All of my shoes are disposable, but I’ve taken my Dad’s boots in to her for new soles.

       —Parking Structure Dude!    Oct. 30 '07 - 11:29PM    #
  2. PSD, I disagree. The last time I was through there, the sports bar concentration seemed dangerously low. Isn’t there a way we could shoe horn a Miller Lite-serving national chain in there somehow?

       —Dale    Oct. 31 '07 - 12:40AM    #
  3. Is the space big enough for a Nike Town? Maybe a Nike Village or Hamlet?

       —kena    Oct. 31 '07 - 12:46AM    #
  4. $7,700 per month in rent? Triple net? For that box? Do I have that right?

    Who would sign up for that? (of course, the answer is: a chain)

    Surprised that no one has mentioned that the “Cavern Club Complex” is up for sale. For how many million dollars? Chain or Condos, take your pick. I’ll be really surprised if it’s not one or the other.

       —todd    Oct. 31 '07 - 01:05AM    #
  5. In the immediate neighborhood of the Cavern Club complex, just west of the railroad tracks on Liberty (and abutting the 415 Washington property) there’s a sign posted on the car wash property from Peter Allen’s group. The sign reads “Development Opportunity” or some such. Something more interesting than the empty Moveable Feast Mansion, Blue Karaoke, and a car wash would be welcome, but from the 10,000 sq ft number I’m guessing it’s just the car wash?

    And while we’re in the same neighborhood, there will be an entrance off Liberty to the 415 Washington property, which will be used for parking in the interim between now and whenever its final future is decided. Concrete got poured late last week for the curb cut. I was too late to carve my initials.

       —HD    Oct. 31 '07 - 01:47AM    #
  6. Yuck. This will give many people yet another reason to avoid State St, which is unfortunate for the non-chain interesting businesses still there.

    Yes, I believe it is just the car wash for sale. Does anybody know why the Cavern club is for sale? It seemed to be doing ok, and it’s a wonderful old building inside…

       —Lisa    Oct. 31 '07 - 08:38PM    #
  7. You know, usually I’m a big fan of progress but….the idea of another chain sports bar/sub place/coffee shop is nauseating. I love that shoe repair/skate place.

    I think the Cavern Club guy just wants to get his money now. I think he’s dreaming about the price though.

    What’s the deal with the bagel place next to Village Corner?

       —Cooler Heads    Oct. 31 '07 - 09:35PM    #
  8. I beleive the sign says that Berry’s Bagels will be coming there – it’s been empty for years – so this should be good news.

       —Leah Gunn    Oct. 31 '07 - 09:45PM    #
  9. I beleive the sign says that Barry’s Bagels will be coming there – it’s been empty for years – so this should be good news.

       —Leah Gunn    Oct. 31 '07 - 09:45PM    #
  10. This is a test to see whether “preview” actually submits the text. Two different commentors seem to have made corrections then had almost duplicate comments. Bruce, are you watching?

       —anonymous too    Oct. 31 '07 - 10:51PM    #
  11. If I recall, the owner of The Bagel Factory on South U sold his business to a larger bagel company (maybe Barry’s Bagels) some years ago, and they didn’t need a store at that location. Sounds like they’ve decided that was a good spot for one after all…

       —Murph    Oct. 31 '07 - 10:54PM    #
  12. Dag, where am I gonna get my skates sharpened now?

    I actually liked the idea of that sort of obsolete, anachronistic business though, even if I never patronized it.

    If condos move next to the Pig, the Pig’s in trouble. I keep wondering when everyone is just going to give up and put all their energy into Ypsilanti. This happens in “real” cities, but there’s always another neighborhood a few stops down the train line for things to move to, it seems. A bit harder in an area where most growth was under mid-century zoning.

       —Brandon    Oct. 31 '07 - 11:32PM    #
  13. “A bit harder in an area where most growth was under mid-century zoning.”

    A lot of the weirder businesses in town have gravitated to the cheap commercial strip on Packard, near Platt. So far no bars to speak of, except Banfields, and no music venues at all.

    Of course the neighborhood is butt ugly and not pedestrian friendly at all, but still I’ll sometimes drive down Packard thinking “Is this the cool part of town now? How sad….”

    And Dale, you’re just trying to get my hopes up. At least if someone opened a chain sports bar I could theoretically imagine maybe, in this lifetime, if the stars were aligned, going in some day for a High Life and a hockey game. Given the likely alternatives, I could get behind a chain sports bar. As long as there’s alcohol there’s hope for zaniness. But I think the space is too small.

       —Parking Structure Dude!    Nov. 1 '07 - 12:04AM    #
  14. “Bruce, are you watching?”

    Yeah, but I’d assumed that was just due to people getting impatient with the ridiculous comment-submission delays we’ve been seeing lately. That’s a harder problem to track down.

       —Bruce Fields    Nov. 1 '07 - 12:10AM    #
  15. Hm. So I was thinking: no other operation on this site regularly takes over a minute. What the heck’s different about comment submissions? Ah-hah, there’s there’s some stupid spam blocking server it tries to talk to on every submission. I’ve turned that off; comment submission time seems to be back down to a few seconds, so I think that was it.

       —Bruce Fields    Nov. 1 '07 - 12:23AM    #
  16. Thanks for watching, Bruce, and for fixing it so we won’t be waiting.

       —anonymous too    Nov. 1 '07 - 01:20AM    #
  17. Word, that area around Packard and Platt has all the cool ethnic shops. It’s the Queens of Ann Arbor. Too bad it’s, uh, strip-malls at the edge of town, but that’s sorta the best you’re gonna be able to do, unfortch. That or Ypsi.

       —Brandon    Nov. 1 '07 - 02:34AM    #
  18. Brandon: y’know, it was just two days ago that a cousin was lamenting to me the fact that his barber no longer offers skate sharpening as a side service…

       —Murph.    Nov. 1 '07 - 03:13AM    #
  19. Ok real estate people, what does $35/sqft mean? It that a month or a year? Also how many squaret feet is the store for rent?

    Finally, what the hell is Blue Kereoke?

    Ok, I visited the web site, its 900sqft, at $35 a foot thats either $31,500 a month (not possible) or $2625 a month. Still expensive for such a small place, I predect many businesses failing in that location

       —just a voice    Nov. 1 '07 - 07:57PM    #
  20. “Finally, what the hell is Blue Kereoke?”

    Every time I walk past it, I ask myself exactly that. But I’m pretty sure it’s not sad people singing tele-prompted lyrics into a microphone.

       —HD    Nov. 1 '07 - 09:12PM    #
  21. jav – commercial rents are generally given in per-square-foot-annually terms. So that’d be the latter of your numbers.

    Additionally, there’s a question of who pays property taxes, insurance, and maintenance costs. If you have a “gross rent”, you pay the price listed, and the landlord pays those costs. Because, y’know, it’s his building. Many of the rents advertised in A2 these days are “triple-net”, which means that the tenant pays taxes, insurance, and maintenance, above and beyond the listed price.

    The listing linked to says “Lease Type: NNN”, which means, yep, triple-net: the landlord gets $35/sf after paying all those costs of building ownership.

       —Murph    Nov. 1 '07 - 09:33PM    #
  22. The corner of Packard and Platt was the “downtown” intersection of the formerly separate City of East Ann Arbor (annexed by Ann Arbor around 1956).

    East Ann Arbor Hardware, a vestige of the former name, was on that corner until just a few years ago.

    See, e.g., this image (on the AADL’s web site) of the East Ann Arbor Police Department — four men and a squad car.

       —Larry Kestenbaum    Nov. 2 '07 - 12:50AM    #
  23. Blue Karaoke is indeed a karaoke bar. I’ve been there (for karaoke) many times. I’m not sure if it retains any vestige of the former business that occupied that space, but they do have individual rooms which wouldn’t be a bad place for a “date” if you catch my drift.

    Doesn’t Coach & Four on State St. still do skate sharpening?

       —Eric    Nov. 15 '07 - 01:45AM    #
  24. Getting back to lease rates, McKinley Towne Centre was deemed Retail Deal of the Year for resetting the standard: $40/sf for retail restaurant space.

       —Jeff Dean    Nov. 17 '07 - 04:47AM    #