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Downtown Tree Lighting Ceremony

15. November 2007 • Juliew
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Friday, November 16 at 6:00pm
Liberty Plaza (on the corner of Liberty and Division)

There is a full slate of entertainment, including the Boy Choir of Ann Arbor, Colors the Clown, jugglers, the Theatrical Combat Network, and the Mayor.

In case the entertainment alone isn’t enough to get you downtown, there will be hot chocolate and cookies and special guest getDowntown will be giving out “FREE spiffy Nite Ize LED lights from Bivouac as well as Google Blinky pins to everyone who shows their go!pass.” (Even if you don’t have a go!pass, you can still win prizes by taking a short quiz.)

The tree lights downtown are sponsored by the Downtown Development Authority, the Main Street Area Association, the State Street Area Association, the South University Area Association and the Kerrytown District Association.

  1. Also on tap this weekend (Sunday, 18 Nov) is Cranksgiving Ann Arbor

    For folks who may have heard about it and been puzzled about initial lack of detail, specifics have now been fleshed out. Basic idea: ride your bike, and food goes to Food Gatherers.

       —HD    Nov. 16 '07 - 05:31PM    #
  2. Like last year, this was a great family oriented event. There was a largish band from Huron High, jugglers, dancers, hot cider and chocolate and of course the lighting of all those LED’s! Our kids loved it.

    The NBC folks spent a lot of time filming the band and the crowd. Hope some of it shows up on national news. It shows Ann Arbor in a fine light.

       —Ted Huey    Nov. 18 '07 - 06:35AM    #
  3. Ann Arbor’s LED lights were featured on the NBC Nightly News last night. You can watch it here: They showed the tree lighting ceremony, the LED lights on East Washington and the mayor.

    The LED City press conference is also online here, and the City Council discussed LED lights, along with the locations of various LED fixtures being tested throughout the city, at their December 3rd meeting. (They’re on Glendale Drive and in the City Hall’s parking lot.)

    One other example of LED lights in town that you might not be aware of is on the Glazier Building at 100 South Main. The owner recently replaced the original cornice and is making other changes, one of which is the installation of exterior LED lighting. This was discussed at the March 2, 2007 Historic District Commission Meeting.

       —David F    Dec. 14 '07 - 10:35AM    #
  4. That video on LED lights also showed up last night on the CBC News – good going, Ann Arbor!

    General question – what are these weird posts (e.g. no. 4 on this thread) which mean nothing and how do they creep into AU? Who monitors this blog? Not that they are damaging – just annoying.

       —Leah Gunn    Dec. 18 '07 - 02:47AM    #
  5. To answer the question (posting #5)

    “– what are these weird posts (e.g. no. 4 on this thread) which mean nothing and how do they creep into AU? “


    They are to stifle dialog on Israeli crimes. Whoever is doing it, means to push the talk on Israel down the page…Similar weird posts also appear on other threads…

    And yes someone should clean them up…

       —Israeli terrorism    Dec. 18 '07 - 03:03AM    #
  6. “General question – what are these weird posts (e.g. no. 4 on this thread) which mean nothing and how do they creep into AU? Who monitors this blog? Not that they are damaging – just annoying.”

    That’s just spam; it’s been happening forever, but it’s gotten more aggressive over the last couple weeks. I delete them all every now and then, but it’s gotten to the point where that’s not sufficient any more, and what with the holidays it may be a while before anyone finds the time for a more satisfactory fix. Apologies.

    In the meantime, unless you’ve got some textpattern expertise to volunteer, you could help by just trying to ignore it—I can promise that it will all be taken care of eventually….

       —Bruce Fields    Dec. 18 '07 - 03:52AM    #
  7. Thanks Bruce – I was just wondering. Have a relaxing holiday, and I promise I will ignore it.

       —Leah Gunn    Dec. 18 '07 - 05:36AM    #
  8. OK, I installed some captcha plugin. We’ll see if that helps. Apologies for making people jump through some extra hoops.

       —Bruce Fields    Dec. 19 '07 - 10:16AM    #
  9. And, by the way, if you can’t read the image it gives you, just keep trying—after a few failures it’ll give up and submit your comment in an “unmoderated” state, and the next time one of us checks we can make the comment visible. (If it doesn’t who up in a day, feel free to email arborupdate at and ask what the deal is.)

       —Bruce Fields    Dec. 19 '07 - 10:19AM    #
  10. And it works! Thanks for this, Bruce.

       —Vivienne Armentrout    Dec. 19 '07 - 06:27PM    #