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Protest Economics

9. July 2004 • Rob Goodspeed
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Ben Cohen from Ben & Jerry’s seems to think New York City has their economic development ideas all wrong:

Mr. Bloomberg justifies the effort and expense he dedicated to the convention – at least in part – by saying that New York will reap major economic and public relations benefits by playing host to the Republicans. But what about the economic benefits that will accrue thanks to the one million protesters who are expected to visit New York City to demonstrate?

Even if you add the 15,000 journalists who will be swarming around the Republican convention to the 13,000 convention-goers – and, for good measure, you throw in 50,000 stray lobbyists and vendors selling talking Ann Coulter dolls – the protesters will outnumber and may well outspend the Republicans and their entourage.

Look at the numbers. Protest organizations are chartering buses and mobilizing people around the country to come to New York. If 500,000 out-of-staters visit for one night – a reasonable number in light of past demonstrations – they could easily drop a total of $150 million or more.

> Alternet: “Welcome the Protesters – and Their Credit Cards”

  1. sort of like how i always said that as long as people protest the school of the americas in ft. benning, they will NEVER close it, because that one protest (which brings in thousands of protesters) for one weekend in novemeber reaps profits for every bar, motel, resturant, and filling station in columbus…which is why when the military police arrest protesters they are very curtouis and say “see you next year!” with a smile…

    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Jul. 9 '04 - 03:07PM    #