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Detroit's African American History Museum in Trouble

27. May 2004 • Dumi Lewis
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The Charles H. Wright Museum, the nation’s premier African American History Museum, in Detroit is experiencing major financial problems. The Museum has provided the Nation with great programming and information has now received national attention for its financial woes. The museum has responded by trying to secure more memberships, but still this will have to be coupled with something more sustainable. If you don’t care, do. If you don’t know, get some info. If you know, tell someone else.

  1. Dumi,

    Do you have any thoughts as to WHY this museum is losing money? And why isn’t an attempt to gain more memberships “sustainable”?

    And what should be done about it? If nothing, why should we care?
       —James Dickson    Jun. 4 '04 - 07:38PM    #