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Ann Arbor: The YouTube Experience

31. January 2008 • Nancy Shore
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With a lot of snow in the forecast tomorrow, chances are some of you will be sitting at home.

And what better way to while away the hours than sitting in front of the computer waiting for YouTube Videos to load!

To save you some time, I decided to search “Ann Arbor” on YouTube to see what kind of stuff is out there .

This is just a taste of what I found. Please note, I am including links instead of embedding videos.

For those interested in politics
Check out Liz Brater’s 20 second take on Granholm’s State of the State Address .

Michigan Peaceworks recently created a People’s State of the Union featuring local people (and local people wearing masks of politicians) and their thoughts on our national priorities.

For those interested in news
The Ann Arbor News does a daily webcast featuring current news.

For those interested in downtown Ann Arbor videos
Bob Dascola, local barber and downtown enthusiast, has several videos on Ann Arbor Downtown People and Places

Kirk Wesphal shares his insights into a lively downtown

For those interested in food
Watch a Chef at Champion House in Ann Arbor make an Onion Volcano!

The Blimpy Burger clip from that Food Network Show.

For those interested in music
There are tons of live Ann Arbor music performances on YouTube. I won’t list them here, but if you are into that stuff, you should do a search for Ann Arbor on YouTube.

This is a year old, but I just saw it. The Dead Schembechlers with Bomb Ann Arbor Now

A video called Ann Arbor filled with people cavorting in some greenspace.

Other random stuff
Some students breakdance at the CCRB

He scales tall buildings in a single bound! It’s that Ninja Warrior guy from Ann Arbor.

Rev.Paul Jones of Shekinah Christian Church Minstering in Mime .

  1. Fans of the movie Almost Famous will appreciate this video from, a foo-foo website for Stockbrokers that’s heavily trafficked in the East.

    The man on the left of the video, the head of the Beverage Tasting Institute, gave us a really nice plug, but the editors at edited it out because “we aren’t available nationally, and can’t be found easily”, as the idea was that these were great Holiday gifts that were easy to find.

    So….we’re the New York Sour Apple Liqueur in the background. The “out of focus guy”. Pretty funny.

    Well, at least on a positive note, we’re a Finalist for Beverage Tasting Institute’s Distiller of the Year award. We received five Gold Medals, and one Silver this past year, second only to Stoli’s 7 Gold Medals. The winner is announced in Feb.

    Obviously, the New York Sour Apple Liqueur received a Gold Medal (w/ 94 pts.). All the scores are on

       —todd    Feb. 1 '08 - 09:40AM    #
  2. Don’t forget Google Video… I have a big pile of Arbor-Ypsi music performances on there (including Arbor-Ypsi musicians playing in NYC):

       —Brandon    Feb. 1 '08 - 10:09PM    #
  3. Here is a link to several Ann Arbor or Ann Arbor produced videos.

    W T video

       —G. Thompson    Feb. 5 '08 - 04:15AM    #
  4. Sloppy Cover Up Job, found on both youtube and google video is a locally produced song video that tells the epic story of the nasty, behind-the-scenes goings on at the Farmers Market.

       —fuzzbollah    Feb. 8 '08 - 03:18AM    #
  5. Pfft.

    Every arcane controversy in Ann Arbor seems to result in an ill-conceived music video on the internet these days…

       —Brandon    Feb. 8 '08 - 05:37AM    #
  6. Brandon,
    Lighten up “every” is probably not right. Dont worry the rasta will release the words and then you will know the players. to shed light on a cover up is never ill conceived unless you are the government ask kwame be good have fun

       —Jeff    Feb. 9 '08 - 05:22AM    #
  7. Just checked out “sloppy cover up job” Just love it. My understanding is the city is spending lots of taxpayers money to cover up the cheating and wont stop it becuase they dont want the bad PR. Oh well as long as people dont care about being cheated or lied to,it will go on.

       —Jeff    Feb. 10 '08 - 07:22AM    #
  8. Yeah right Jeff, the “mob” runs the Farmers Market. Everybody in the city must be on the take or fearful for their lives. (Those farmers play rough!)

    By the way, the Farmers Market supports itself, no taxpayer money goes to it.

       —Dustin    Feb. 10 '08 - 08:58PM    #
  9. Laurel Federbush recently hosted a 4-part interview of Dr. Catherine Wilkerson that is now on YouTube. Sadly, Dr. Wilkerson was just terminated form her longtime employment at the Packard Community Clinic. has the details and a letter from Catherine explaining why she got canned. Dr. Wilkerson,as you may recall, won a not guilty verdict in a criminal case in December brought by Margaret Connors,wife of Michigan Republican Party donor Judge Timothy Connors. Dr. Wilkerson would appreciate any support in the way of lobbying or petitioning the board of directors of the clinic for her reinstatement. Thank You.

       —Kaptain Krunch    Feb. 14 '08 - 11:24AM    #
  10. The day after the local media announced the firing of Dr. Wilkerson, the person who led the failed criminal prosecution announces her candidacy for district judge in Ann Arbor. What’s wrong with this picture?

       —OWBanker    Feb. 16 '08 - 07:32AM    #
  11. I always thought Tim Connors was a nice guy?

       —Gwen    Mar. 3 '08 - 09:54AM    #
  12. Gwen, check out the website, which is posted by People Against Corruption, for examples of some of the antics that have occurred in his courtroom. He has been criticized as having a bad temper and of allegedly being biased in favor or against certain parties or attorneys. He is often reversed by appellate courts and disliked by many attorneys and litigants. Investigative reporter Norm Sinclair of the Detroit News examined Connors’ handling of the divorce case of Harold Bunting, whose divorce case has dragged out over seven years with ongoing appeals and hundreds of thousands of legal fees incurred. Harold, once a multimillionaire auto parts distributor, was forced into Chapter 7 bankruptcy. More recently, a Michigan Department of Corrections spokesman, Russell Moylan, took the unusual step of telling the Ann Arbor News that a 15-million dollar civil rights verdict against the state brought by prisoners in a case presided by Connors was not surprising given the case was “riddled with errors” and that the state would appeal; Connors was repeatedly reversed by the Court of Appeals in pre-trial rulings in that case, which was pending for 12 years before it went to trial and a verdict reached about a month ago. Criminal defense attorney George Washington labeled Connors a “kangaroo court” the case brought against anti-KKK protestors about 10 years ago against demonstrators who were almost unanimously subsequently vindicated. These are just a few of the examples of why Judge Connors is disapproved of in many quarters and why Harvard Law School alumnus Patricia Gravel-Henkel waged a write-in campaign against Connors in 2006 that garnered hundreds of write-in votes. His wife’s role in the unsuccessful prosecution of nine anti-KKK demonstrators 10 years ago and her recent failed prosecution Dr. Catherine Wilkerson three months ago is why numerous citizens are scrambling to organize to oppose her candidacy for district judge this year. Say no to the Connors political machine!!

       —Kaptain Krunch    Mar. 4 '08 - 06:38AM    #
  13. Do you mean this video, about Mrs. Lowenstein?

    Video of Mrs. Lowenstein

    Is it true?

       —Video    Mar. 10 '08 - 06:41PM    #
  14. Right on!!

       —Kaptain Krunch    Mar. 15 '08 - 04:37AM    #
  15. The record for You Tube “hits” for a single video (23 million) was Miss Teen South Carolina who botched a question regarding geography during the national pageant;she dropped out of college recently and signed a modeling contract with Donald Trump which could realize $30,000 per day in modeling fees for her. Remember Vanessa Williams who had the photo scandal in 1984 and went on to superstardom after being forced to resign her crown? It seemes that the more outrageouly bad the video or photo is the more success it brings the subject.

       —Roadman    Mar. 15 '08 - 05:31AM    #
  16. There should be a greater utilization of YouTube in local elections. The one used thus far in the Ann Arbor District Court race has been an unqualified success with thousands of hits

       —OWBanker    Mar. 22 '08 - 05:02AM    #
  17. I notice that Chris Easthope has perhaps taken a cue from the first video referenced above and has posted a Youtube video on his District Court campaign website. Unless I am mistaken, only he and Eric Gutenberg have even put up websites among the District Court candidates.

       —Kerry D.    Apr. 18 '08 - 06:02AM    #
  18. I have noticed no website, Youtube, or other campaign activity associated with Joan Lowenstein yet, however she appears to be active in soliciting petition signatures to qualify for the district court ballot as a friend told me she contacted him earlier this week for that purpose. Does anyone know if Margaret Connors is still planning to make a run for Judge Mattson’s seat?

       —Kerry D.    Apr. 24 '08 - 04:40AM    #
  19. Kerry D.,

    There have been a couple of candidates for the 15th District Court judgeship their intentions but subsequently withdraw.

    But when Eric Gutenberg came around to my door a couple of weeks ago collecting signatures, he reported that to the best of his knowledge, those remaining in the race were:

    Eric Gutenberg
    Margaret Connors
    Chris Easthope
    Joan Lowenstein

       —HD    Apr. 24 '08 - 06:20AM    #
  20. The Chris Easthope YouTube video of his interview by Stefanie Murray of the Ann Arbor News referenced above and added to his campaign website already has over 800 hits.

       —Mark Koroi    May. 30 '08 - 01:27AM    #
  21. Here’s what I don’t understand – Margaret Connors claims that she spent most of the last 11 years in the 15th District Court as a prosecutor yet not one of the 15th District Court judges is supporting Connors’ campaign to be a judge.

       —Will J.    Jul. 9 '08 - 06:36AM    #
  22. Take it one step further, Will. I have failed to locate one current or former member of the Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office that has gone on the record to endorse the candidacy of Margaret Connors. Dick Pierce and Rolland Sizemore are both endorsing Chris Easthope; Dick was with Prosecutor Bill Delhey’s office in 1970 when they made national news by obtaining a murder conviction against John Norman Collins. Current County Prosecutor Brian Mackie is acting as a campaign committee co-chairman to Connors’ opponent Eric Gutenberg, who is a supervising attorney in Mackie’s office. Margaret Connors left the Prosecutor’s office as of June 23rd, per her website; she had worked there since the late 1980s.

       —Mark Koroi    Jul. 9 '08 - 07:29AM    #
  23. Besides the YouTube videos referenced above regarding Joan Lowenstein and Chris Easthope, does anyone know of any other accessible videos on YouTube referencing any other local political candidate?

       —Kerry D.    Jul. 14 '08 - 05:52AM    #
  24. In this election cycle Chris Easthope was the only candidate to utilize YouTube when he had an interview with the Ann Arbor News featured on his campaign website; he won in both the primary and general elections and the interview had close to 1,000 hits. None of the other district court candidates used YouTube in their campaigns, although Margaret Connors just before the August 5th primary election inserted a 30-second non-YouTube video in which she introduced herself to visitors to her campaign website; Sheriff candidate Jerry Clayton had a similar non-YouTube video on his campaign website.

    Post #13 has a link to a YouTube video in opposition to the Joan Lowenstein district candidacy that has collected over 2,700 hits. This video actually scored more hits on YouTube than the “Sleeping Judge” ad credited with playing a role in Cliff Taylor’s defeat(although the Sleeping Judge segment received its primary exposure via television).

    I do not think that Chris Easthope nor Jerry Clayton regret using videos on their websites as they both won impressive victories. I believe that their victories underscore the fact that both YouTube and non-YouTube videos can be a valuable tool to furnish the electorate with an animated but inexpensive means of communicating with voters. Even videos in opposition to a candidate can be successfully posted on YouTube.

       —Mark Koroi    Dec. 25 '08 - 03:29AM    #