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Michigan GOP for Nader, Pointless?

9. July 2004 • Scott Trudeau
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The Michigan Republican Party is organizing to gather signatures to put Ralph Nader on the ballot. In an email alert sent to Michigan GOP activists began:

TO: Republican Leaders
FR: Greg McNeilly
Executive Director

Your help is needed in the next five days to ensure that Michigan voters are not disenfranchised. Michigan Democrats are trying to block an independent candidate from having access to the ballot in Michigan. More specifically, they want Nader off the ballot.

Each side accuses the other of “dirty tricks” :

In 1992 and 1996 Ross Perot was on the Michigan ballot. Many Republican strategists believed this hurt Republican candidates. It may have. But the Republican Party never tried to deny access nor disenfranchise voters by opposing ballot access for Perot.

And from the San Francisco Gate, this quote:

“It’s another example of state Republicans willing to try every unethical trick in the book to hold power,” Democratic Executive Chairman Mark Brewer said Thursday. “This clearly shows that a vote for Ralph Nader is a vote to re-elect George Bush. The Republicans know that, and that’s why they are desperate to have Nader on the Michigan ballot.”

The Reform Party, which has ballot access in Michigan, has endorsed Nader, and he intends to accept their endorsement. The Michigan Reform Party has already agreed to put Nader on their ballot line. The whole thing seems pointless given the fact that Nader will be on the ballot in Michigan. Nader disavowed the GOP effort.

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  1. the point is that republican activist are confident that organizing for nader will help bush get elected. something to think about at least.
       —max    Jul. 10 '04 - 01:50AM    #