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The 46th Ann Arbor Film Festival

26. March 2008 • Juliew
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The 46th Ann Arbor Film Festival opened yesterday and runs through Sunday, March 30.

Absolute Michigan had a great feature article on the Festival last week.

The Festival organizers are working hard to make the Festival accessible and fun for everyone. There are now film categories (including Family Friendly), themed competition programs, musical presentations, film panels, and lots of other great events. It is one of the premier film festivals in the country so don’t miss out.

  1. The 47th Ann Arbor Film Festival is coming up!!

    Join the many locals who have donated to the festival and attended.

       —John Dory    Mar. 6 '09 - 06:33AM    #
  2. It’s a great festival.

    Also at the Michigan is this film festival:

    The first Ann Arbor Palestine Film Festival begins tonight at the Michigan

       —The Colonel    Mar. 11 '09 - 07:24PM    #
  3. Information about the Palestine film festival is at This thread is about the Ann Arbor Film Festival. Offtopic posts will be deleted.

       —Matt Hampel for ArborUpdate    Mar. 14 '09 - 07:27AM    #