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4. April 2008 • Juliew
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It is that kind of weekend in Ann Arbor. Farmer’s Market is back in full swing, the weather should be lovely, and there are lots of things to do. Here are some highlights:

Ann Arbor Pow Wow
The 36th Annual Ann Arbor Dance for Mother Earth Pow Wow is this weekend at Crisler Arena. Doors open at 10:30am Saturday and Sunday with Grand Entries at noon both days (and also at 7:00pm Saturday). This is the largest pow wow in the Midwest, with over 1,000 participants and 10,000 visitors. There will be intertribal dancing and dancing contests in full regalia, drumming groups, Native artists and craftspeople from around the country, and traditional foods. It is definitely worth seeing.

Hash Bash
These days the Hash Bash seems to attract mostly aging hippies from across the country or kids from the Detroit ‘burbs who need an excuse to drink, smoke, and wear tie-dyed shirts, but it is still is a defining event in Ann Arbor. Supposedly the Diag already has an event scheduled and the Hash Bash does not have a permit to be there, plus the Diag is being torn up for graduation preparations so we’ll see what happens. Either way, you can always head over to the Monroe Street Fair, have some sangria at Dominicks, buy something hemp from a vendor, and relive the good ole’ days.

FestifoolsGiant puppets
The 2nd Annual Festifools parade is Sunday from 4:00-5:00pm (and they do start promptly at 4:00!) on Main Street from Washington to William. It is hard to explain just what Festifools is. The closest I can come is that it is a colorful, energetic, loud, exhilarating pagan celebration of spring. Last year this was one of the best events all season. Hopefully year two will be just as fun. Everyone is invited to watch and/or participate. If you have kids from preschool through fifth grade, head to the Downtown Library from 2-3:30pm on Sunday to make a “wacky noisemaker” and join in the Festifools parade at 4:00.

  1. If any photographers (from newbs like me to pros) want to take pictures of this cool event, there is a Flickr group set up just for that purpose.

    I will be in the parade, so please wave :)

       —TeacherPatti    Apr. 4 '08 - 11:56PM    #
  2. I am new to the ann arbor area in Michigan, i do not want to miss the next inter-tribal pow wow for 2009 I thought I understood it was in ann arbor in February 2009, Can you have assist me with information so I can attend and know of organizations in the area. Thank you inadvance
    Help Choctaw Indian Women.

       —Robyn Rand'les'agurs    Feb. 9 '09 - 12:23AM    #
  3. Robyn – I Googled Ann Arbor Powwow and it will be held April 11 & 12 at the EMU Student Center in Ypsilanti. They have a web site and tons of infomation. I hope this helps.

       —Leah Gunn    Feb. 9 '09 - 02:06AM    #
  4. United Press International has carried the story of the coincidence of the effective date of the Michigan Medicinal Marijuana Law – which is April 4th – and the annual Hash Bash gathering in Ann Arbor.

    Michigan Department of Community Health offices shall begin accepting applications Monday for issuance of identification cards for persons seeking to receive marijuana for medicinal purposes.

    Longtime Hash Bash master of ceremonies Adam Brook was quoted as saying the he expects a number of medical patients to attend Hash Bash tomorrow to seek information on eligibility under the new law. A Michigan Department of Community Health spokesman has confirmed his agency has been inundated with requests about information regarding eligibility for the program since the ballot initiative passed last November with almost 63% of the statewide vote.

    Hash Bash has been described as the largest gathering in the United States that does not have the support of the local Chamber of Commerce.

       —Mark Koroi    Apr. 4 '09 - 03:23AM    #
  5. It is rather sad that the Ann Arbor establishment does not support Hash Bash.

    Hash Bash is the event that probably best symbolizes the values and societal and political interests of Ann Arbor residents at large. It represents the cutting edge of political thought in America. The mood will be one of victory and celebration today as Hash Bash’s goal of liberalization and decriminalization of marijuana laws won a victory by the passsage of the Medical Marijuana Law, which goes into effect today.

    I expect that today’s Hash Bash event will be on You Tube as previous events have been posted.

    Good Luck to Adam Brook and the organizers today!

       —Junior    Apr. 4 '09 - 10:10PM    #
  6. Thank you for the information about ann arbor pow wow’s, I would like to know more about becoming activities in ann arbor as a Chatow Indian descent and Cree Indians, how should I go about this in getting more involved I am new to the area of ann arbor michigan, thank you in advance

       —Robyn Rand'les'agurs    Jul. 22 '09 - 11:53PM    #