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MI ElvisFest in Ypsilanti

10. July 2004 • dilleym
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Tonight, Saturday July 10

“The Michigan Elvis Festival began in 2000 in Ypsilanti, Michigan’s Historic Depot Town. The Elvisfest has now moved to beautiful Riverside Park where Elvis fans flock by the thousands every July to pay homage to the King of Rock & Roll and to hear the most award-winning Elvis Tribute Artists in North America and other talented Legend Tribute Artists.”

Cheezy music website

  1. My mother is an enormous Elvis fan and has been bugging me to find out when this year’s festival will be held. Is there another web site or any other information that I need to know regarding the event this year? Please email with information that will allow us to prepare for this year’s event!

    Thank you,

       —Julie    Apr. 18 '05 - 08:46PM    #
  2. Julie, looks like July 8-9, 2005. Check the website at
       —Murph    Apr. 18 '05 - 09:17PM    #
  3. Just for the record (and because my mother is not an Elvis fan at all), this Julie is different from the Julie who has been posting here on issues related to Ann Arbor. Perhaps I shall change to Juliew to avoid confusion.
       —Juliew    Apr. 18 '05 - 09:27PM    #