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Leopold's Farewell Event

1. May 2008 • Dale Winling
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For those of you who have quaffed beer, shot pool, flipped through the jukebox, and sipped the spirits at Leopold Brothers over the last decade, there’s a chance for an awesome farewell, headlined by the Great Lakes Myth Society, before the city’s best brewery, pub, and distillery closes.

If you’re not there, you better be in jail. If you’re in jail, break out.

  1. Amen.

       —Young Urban Amateur    May. 1 '08 - 10:08PM    #
  2. They were just about at capacity (400-450) for a great opening set from Matt Jones and what was probably the best set I’ve seen from GLMS. Leopold’s will have live music each Saturday in May until they close.

       —Dale    May. 4 '08 - 08:46PM    #