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Main Street Moonlight Delight Tonight, May 2

2. May 2008 • Juliew
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Yeah, OK, the name is dorky (whatever happened to Midnight Madness?). The idea is great though. Head down to the Main Street Area tonight and shop to your heart’s content. Most stores are having big sales and many are offering refreshments and other specials. The Main Street Area Association has more information on their web site. Don’t forget the stores just off Main Street. Places on Fourth, Liberty, and Ashley will be open late too.

So make plans for dinner and drinks downtown and then walk off your meal by doing some shopping. This would be a good time to buy any Mom in your life a special Mother’s Day gift!

Don’t let a little rain forecast stop you, all the stores and restaurants will be nice and dry and lots of them sell umbrellas and other rain gear.

  1. Isn’t Midnight Madness a sale event later in the year? I think there are 2 different events, hence 2 different names.

       —Chuck Warpehoski    May. 6 '08 - 03:46AM    #
  2. There used to be two Midnight Madnesses, one in the spring and one in the fall. They changed this one to Moonlight Delight for some reason. I assumed it was because many of the stores don’t actually stay open until midnight.

       —Juliew    May. 6 '08 - 04:09AM    #