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City Council: Budgets and Beer

19. May 2008 • Juliew
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Monday, May 19 at 7:00 pm.
Ann Arbor City HallAgenda


  • Resolution to approve Tierra on Ashley site plan and development agreement
  • Approval of increase in taxi rates due to rising gas prices
  • Awarding of a Class C liquor license to the new Whole Foods so they can have “in-store dining”
  • Code amendment to establish the 1001-1013 Broadway Historic District
  • Increase in water, sewer, and stormwater rates
  • Resolution to issue a Downtown Development District Liquor License to Everyday Cook
  • Resolution to adopt Ann Arbor city budget and related property tax millage rates for fiscal year 2009

  1. The budget passed with various pet-project amendments. The taxi rate hike was approved. I’m assuming Tierra on Ashley passed, but didn’t actually see discussion on it.

    The Chamber letter against the budget was interesting. It did seem to sway Sabra, but several other Councilpeople mentioned that the Chamber sends out essentially the same letter every year with a different project as their reason to not support the budget. I have to say, although I know and like several of the people who work at the Chamber, I have been disappointed over the years with their policies and attitudes toward the City and to local workers. As was pointed out in the police-courts thread, the Chamber is somewhat notorious for supporting business interests over worker interests. I suppose that might be their purpose, but I don’t have a lot of respect for some of their policies.

       —Juliew    May. 20 '08 - 07:19PM    #
  2. Since I don’t line in Ann Arbor anymore I don’t hear all the news. Where is the new Whole Foods to be? Is it a replacement or a second store?

       —Paul    May. 21 '08 - 02:52AM    #
  3. It’s a second store; it is going in where Mervyn’s used to be, in the Cranbrook Plaza on the northeast corner of Eisenhower and Ann Arbor-Saline Road.

       —Lane Maiden    May. 21 '08 - 04:51AM    #
  4. Here is a link to the letter from the Chamber of Commerce which does not support the Budget passed by City Council. (Sorry to post this so late, I had some technical difficulties.)

       —Juliew    May. 30 '08 - 04:01AM    #