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Student Activist Dies

11. July 2004 • Rob Goodspeed
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Magali Padilla, a highly involved and politically active third year LSA student has recently died. According to an email distributed by University administrators planning a memorial service, Magali and her mother passed away after they were involved in an automobile accident in Jalisco, Mexico.

At Michigan, Magali was popular and involved in many cultural, environmental, political and community service organizations. Magali was particularly active in efforts to increase cross-cultural communication and understanding at the University, and her involvement in a variety of progressive political causes.

Recently, she had been a leader in the organization Student Voices in Action, which successfully challenged a number of damaging and frivolous budget cuts proposed by the Division of Student Affairs, speaking on behalf of that organization and La Voz Latina at the March regents’ meeting.

Tomorrow (Sunday), Magali will be mentioned during Spanish Mass at 2:00pm at St Mary’s student parish in Ann Arbor. Afterwards at around 3:30 pm her friends will be holding an outdoor memorial service at the Geddes entrance to the Arboretum. All are invited to attend either event.

Friends and acquaintances of Magali are encouraged to leave thoughts and memories as comments on this website.

Update 8/4: The photo is taken from an entry from friend Rahul Saksena’s blog entry about her.

  1. Gali will be really missed by those of us who had a chance to have her affect our lives. Seldom do you get a chance to meet a cooling personality that contains so much fire. Always remember that there is limited time on this planet, do like Gali did and make the most of your time here.
       —Dumi    Jul. 11 '04 - 09:46AM    #
  2. My Friend Rahul wrote this about her:

    ”... I am in a state of shock, and can only think of Magali’s incredible strength in the face of pain, her compassion for all people and for the environment, and her clever sense of humor. I am so happy that she was part of my life – I learned so much from her, and I would be a different person today if I had not known her. She had a magnificent effect on me, and her support for all communities at UofM should be admired and replicated by everyone. If all people were more like Magali, then the world would be a much better place.

    As I sit here and try to soak all this in, I am realizing more and more that no words I can write can express my feelings and respect for Magali.

    As we move on in the coming days and years, I know Magali’s strength and spirit will be with us. Our futures will be guided by her wisdom, compassion, and selflessness. And most of all, we will never forget her smile, her laugh, and everything that we learned from her.

    I know I am not with you in person, but I am there standing by in spirit. Please email me to let me know how you all are doing. And please send my love to everyone.

       —Rob    Jul. 11 '04 - 01:20PM    #
  3. i was magali’s friend in hi school and i know she lived everyday without fear, restraints and always took chances her and her mother maria will be missed…..from griselda and daisy
       —griselda    Jul. 15 '04 - 04:36PM    #
  4. Magali was so unique ,she was my sister ill miss her so much i didn’t get to say good bye to her or my mom they will alway be in my heart they taught me alot she was always there for me .Ilove you lali
       —MIMO    Jul. 29 '04 - 03:08AM    #