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11. June 2008 • Bruce Fields
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Ed is one among several to have pointed out the recent arrival of google street view for Ann Arbor:

From the looks of it, the photos were taken last fall; gas was $2.899 a gallon.

  1. Looking at the marquee for the State Theater, I would guess it was end of Sept/beginning of Oct, and a lot of their driving was on a Wednesday – lots of people at the Farmers’ Market and lots of cars in the school parking lots. Google street view sleuthing is fun!

       —Lane Maiden    Jun. 11 '08 - 10:22PM    #
  2. You can see how many spots were available in all the parking structures when they took the pictures, which is kind of entertaining (if you are a parking geek). South Main is funny because some of it is taken on a football Saturday, but some of it isn’t. So the transitions are kind of abrupt. Looks like the shots in my neighborhood were taken sometime during the third week of October.

       —Juliew    Jun. 11 '08 - 11:29PM    #
  3. What does it take to get a ride in the GoogleStreetViewMobile?

    This is kinda cool, kinda useful (now I can see what I’m looking for rather than only having text descriptions), and just a wee bit scary.

       —Chuck Warpehoski    Jun. 12 '08 - 12:36AM    #
  4. “... and just a wee bit scary.”

    In panning up and down my own street, it was like taking a cruise to Creepyville. Street View?? Um, how about ‘down the driveway and right into the open garage door’ View.

    In a few days, however, the creepiness will wear off, I’m guessing.

    And once it does, we can start cruising up and down 5th and Division Streets on StreetView, and begin to wonder how easy/hard it might be to use whatever API might be available to create a depiction of proposed changes in a street. How’s it going to feel if you convert a traffic lane to a bike lane plus onstreet parking? It’d be great a StreetView-based application gave the ability to visualize proposed changes to every resident with a computer and an internet connection.

       —HD    Jun. 12 '08 - 01:20AM    #
  5. I got a sickening feeling looking at my old house on there.

       —Brandon    Jun. 12 '08 - 03:04AM    #
  6. I feel the same way, Brandon — a football Saturday and not a single car in our front yard??

    15 cars at $15 is $225 of foregone income! It makes me want to puke.

       —Dale    Jun. 12 '08 - 05:45AM    #
  7. The satellite photo, however, is from early 2006, it looks like.

       —Young Urban Amateur    Jun. 12 '08 - 06:32AM    #
  8. This tool was very helpful when apartment searching in Boston on Commonwealth Ave 2 weeks ago We could scout the brownstones exteriors.

       —kathy toth    Jun. 13 '08 - 01:54PM    #