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Everyday Cook struggling

15. June 2008 • Bruce Fields
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Arbor Update reader Solomon writes:

Everyday Cook (a part of Everyday Wines) is going out of business at the end of the month unless they come up with some capital. Everyday Wines is fine, it’s not going out of business, but Everyday Cook might be.

Owner Mary Campbell would like feedback about her proposal to keep it going.

It seems the lunch business has taken off in a store that wasn’t originally designed for that, so they’re hoping to raise capital for improvements and a liquor license by selling memberships.


  1. Sounds like that didn’t work; says gastronomical three, “despite a great response from the community to Mary Campbellā€™s proposal to offer memberships, everyday cook in Kerrytown will be closing this Saturday, June 21.”

    So if you’re curious to try the place, you’ve got one more chance, tommorow—but get there early.

    My wife and I had lunch there today. Nice place, yummy food. Oh well.

       —Bruce Fields    Jun. 20 '08 - 08:29PM    #
  2. Another sterling achievement for the governing group on City Council, which killed Everyday Cook by awarding the needed liquor license to the City.

       —David Cahill    Jun. 20 '08 - 10:27PM    #
  3. City council shouldn’t be in the business of determining the fate of individual restaurants in the first place.

    What’s the plan for the new liquor licenses, anyway?

       —Bruce Fields    Jun. 20 '08 - 10:34PM    #
  4. Sad news. We just moved away from Ann Arbor about a month ago but made sure we stopped by and had lunch at EC before leaving and thanked Mary for creating the space. Sad to see it go.

       —Balt-O-Matt    Jun. 20 '08 - 11:48PM    #
  5. Well, Council is in fact in the business of determining the fate of individual restaurants, for better or worse. So by denying Everyday Cook a license, Council has killed the business.

       —David Cahill    Jun. 21 '08 - 12:11AM    #
  6. Ahh, this is where I miss Todd’s voice. He so reliably pointed out how the city puts up barriers to local businesses.

    Latest example: the Historic Commission denying Zingerman’s request to tear down a burned-out building and one additional building to expand their operations. The Commission said the building contribute to the historical character of the area.

    Personally, I think that having Zingerman’s on Detroit Street is also part of the neighborhoods history, and I think it will be a loss if they decide to move the Deli to a space that will actually fit it.

    The Zingermans crew have my deepest respect for their commitment to the area. Few businesses would show the commitment to Ann Arbor that Zingerman’s has.

       —Chuck Warpehoski    Jun. 23 '08 - 03:59AM    #
  7. It does not surprise me that a high-quality eatery is shutting down. The lower quality the food and service is the more financially successful the enterprise is. Look at White Castle and Taco Bell.

       —Kerry D.    Jul. 6 '08 - 12:12AM    #
  8. Seems as if Everyday Cook is not closing anymore and they have now been awarded the first of the DDA liquor licenses. I hope this helps them, but they will have to make some changes to their business model if they hope to make it in the long run.

       —Juliew    Jul. 8 '08 - 07:24AM    #
  9. We go to Everyday Cook a lot and I am so happy to see this coming to pass.

    Turns out the council was right all along in keeping the free liquor license for the golf course because as they said then, there was another solution coming down the road for EC and now, here it is.

    The golf course is not eligible for the new DDA only licenses and the money ($60-100K?) would have had to come out of the Parks budget.

       —LauraB    Jul. 8 '08 - 07:36PM    #