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Candidates' Survey: Positions on Arts and Culture

30. July 2008 • Angela Martin-Barcelona
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Thought this would add to the Voter Guide discussion:

The Arts Alliance conducted a survey of local candidates running for public office throughout Washtenaw County to learn their positions on arts and culture. The survey, conducted annually in advance of the primary and general elections, was distributed to candidates throughout Washtenaw County for the offices of state representative, county commissioner, mayor, city council member, township supervisor and township trustee.

The Arts Alliance received responses from 48 candidates in 24 of the 45 races that will be decided in the August 5th primary election. In addition, 8 candidates responded in races that will be decided in the November general election.

37 Democratic, 10 Republican, and 1 Write-In candidate responded to the 2-question survey (1. What is your position on public funding for arts and culture? 2. If elected, what measurable actions will you take to ensure that arts and cultural offerings survive and thrive in Washtenaw County? Please be specific.)

Candidates were given 2 weeks to submit their answers.
Among the findings:
• 30 candidates (25 Democratic and 5 Republicans) or 63%, expressed support for public funding for the arts
• At the County level, 48% of candidates (11) running for Commissioner responded to the survey
• In Ann Arbor, both mayoral candidates and 8 of 9 candidates for City Council responded to the survey

Click here to view the Candidates’ Survey: Final Report