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Even More Couch Ban Info

11. July 2004 • Rob Goodspeed
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It looks like we’ll have even more time to to talk to city council:

From: Greden, Leigh
To: Rob Goodspeed
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2004 18:45:29 -0400
Subject: RE: proposed porch couch ban

Hi Rob-

I believe the Michigan Daily published in its editorial that Council would actually vote on the ban on July 19, but the Daily was incorrect. As the Ann Arbor News reported, the proposal will come before Council on July 19, but only for a “first reading.” If the proposal passes “first reading,” it does not become law. Instead, it must proceed to a “second reading,” which would take place—at the earliest—on August 2. It is possible that the “second reading” would not take place until August 16. Either way, the Council will not take final action on July 19. Indeed, there will not even be a public hearing at that time. The public hearing will take place during
“second reading.”

Hope that helps. Thanks, LRG